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Friday, June 19, 2020

Recent Things: Almost Back to Normality

Hellooo there! Happy Friday! 

I am writing to you with frozen fingers because my morning walk was colder than expected (Alexa told me it was 13C when it was actually 7C!) and without gloves, my fingers decided to stop working 😜 But i'm sure by the time I finish this post they'll be defrosted!

But enough cold talk.

Let me catch you up on what's been happening recently! >>

Recently Snuggling: Our sweet puppers! 

Also, you know it's cold when you walk in the house and find Chanel fast asleep like this 😜She will sleep for HOURS snuggled under a blanket in the winter.... and she has her preferred favourite blankets.

Up until recently, her favourite blanket was the red one (which is this DIY Christmas Blanket using Cricut Iron On) but I then bought this wool knit blanket from TK Maxx that is ultra warm and that has become her new fave.

We're a blanket loving kind of house so it's only natural Chanel is a blanket fan too 😜

Recently Going: To church - in person!!! 

When they lifted the restrictions to 50 people allowed in a church, our church's online stream added a live studio audience with less than 50 people. 

It has been so nice to see our church fam again - and since we can only have one service, we've also had some of the older people join us that usually don't come to 10am church so it has been nice to chat to them too!

Only one more week and we're (hopefully!) back to church almost as normal - just with a whole lot of hand sanitiser and social distancing.

Recently Walking: Around the neighbourhood with my favourite person!

Jesse and I have been walking different ways every weekend - with the walk through the mangroves one of our faves. 

Winter is actually the perfect time for bushwalking because you're not dying from the heat and Jesse's not worrying that a snake is going to slither out 😜(I may add, in almost 28 years of living in the same area, I have seen a snake TWICE. Once was because someone pulled it out of the water and the second was when I was with friends way too far into the bush building a "cubby house" and someone lifted up a big sheet of bark that was covering a snake's home).

Don't believe everything you see about Australia, pals. It's not that bad... and I definitely haven't seen the gigantic spiders US friends always tag me in. I think that's just Australians trying to keep people from moving to Aus πŸ˜›

Recently Catching: Trains - again! I hadn't caught a train in MONTHS because of the whole coronavirus business (all of my meetings were online, except for one local client) - but I've been having in person meetings once again and so onto the train I went. 

There's little green socially distanced stickers to show you were to sit, there's cleaners cleaning the train and for the most part, people actually kept their distance - so there's some hope for humanity still πŸ˜›

Recently Laughing At: A VERY grumpy puppy who didn't want me to go for a walk last weekend. 

What you can't see is the epic stink face she was giving me. By the time I took the photo she was refusing to look at me 😜

Recently Finishing: Mindhunter on Netflix! Such a good show.. but now we need a new one to watch.

Any suggestions?! I feel like we need a decently long show because the last few we've watch, we've gotten through too quickly!

Recently Reading: Not much, to be honest.... 

But I did read and love Daddy Cool and I'm about halfway through The Cake Maker's Wish and it's such a lovely book.

I just haven't had time to read lately! Our weekends have been spent gardening (and I mean gardening so hardcore I had to wear a wrist brace for the last week because HEY RSI/carpal tunnel, what's up), cleaning and spending time with friends or family. 


Recently Posting: Two deeelicious recipes! This One Bowl Paleo Orange Bread Recipe is SO good - and this Gluten Free White Chocolate Macadamia Cookies Recipe disappeared in literally 2 days (two batches!) because they're seriously irresistable. 

But tell me, 
How has your week been? 
And how have you been spending your weekends lately?
Also... hand update... still frozen. My circulation just needed to remind me it sucks. 


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