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Friday, June 5, 2020

Recent Things: Wreath Woes

Hello there! What a week it has been.

There has been so much hurt in the world and my heart is totally aching. Having family and friends in the US means that we always kind of have one foot in Australia and one foot in the US - and we have been so sad and mad and frustrated and wanting to shake certain people (don't even get me started on how I've seen some people talking on social media 😡) all week long.

We're also really hoping that what's happening in the US will highlight issues in other countries. Because racism and inequality doesn't just exist in the US - and we have a big problem here in Australia as well with how our indigenous people and people from other races are treated.

But I'm going to hop off that soapbox for now - because I am hoping you've been spending time thinking yourself this week and making a difference in whatever way you can!

So let me get onto this and catch you up on the week >> 

Recent Surprises: The most beautiful wreath from The Doors of Berry. We had our previous one for YEARS and I threw it away last week because it was on its last legs - only to discover that Jesse actually LOVED the wreath and was so disappointed in me 😜

I planned on buying a new one once we sign on our house - but Ruth beat me to it and this one arrived with a note for Jesse 😜Who knew my once wreath hating husband would be The Doors of Berry's biggest fan?!

Recently Playing With: Spray paint! Have you seen Rust-oleum's Chalked Spray paint range?! SO cool.

I LOVE chalk paint but often get irritated at my own brushstrokes so I am obsessed with this spray paint. In goes on so evenly and can even be sanded back for that rustic look!

Recently Loving: Not the cold temperatures - but I'm loving the pretty sun rays! The only thing about winter I actually like is when the fog highlights the suns rays. 

Recently Making: ALLLL the tie dye tees! We had a tie dying weekend and made so many shirts! We used Rit Powdered Dye which ran (whereas my sister used Tulip dye and her whites stayed white) but I kind of love the result. Most of my shirts I only let sit for a few hours before rinsing so they were pastel coloured.

Jesse made this epic long sleeve one as well as the coolest t-shirt. We still have a bunch of dye left so you may only see us in tie dye attire when summer hits 😜

Recently Celebrating: The easing of restrictions with our first pub meal out! (well, Jesse's... the pub we went to wasn't coeliac friendly - but I just went for the company!). We went out with our church fam and I was SO happy to see so many of the people we love in person and not behind a screen!

Recently Recommending: Ordinary by Tony Merida. As Christians, we're called to love (Jesus called it the second greatest commandment - Matthew 22:36-40 - als0 look at John 13:34) and if you're wondering what that looks like in your everyday life, Ordinary helps you see the little opportunities in your ordinary days. I couldn't recommend it more right now.

 Grain Free Pizza Puffs Recipe

Recently Sharing: My Grain Free Pizza Puffs Recipe - finally! And I promise, it's totally worth the wait. We are OBSESSED! They make a delicious lunch or snack and Jesse even called them the best recipe EVER 😜


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1 comment:

  1. It has been an insane few weeks here and abroad. 2020 kind of feels like I dreamt the whole thing sometimes (and not in a good way). Hope y'all are doing ok in Sydney!

    I need to get myself some of that spraypaint! We've been looking for a few pieces of furniture for our home for ages but I can never find what I want in the right color. At this point I just want to buy some used pieces and paint them myself!


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