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Friday, July 17, 2020

Recent Things: Snuggling and Shopping Up A Crafty Storm!

Heeeellooo there! Happy Friday! 

This week has gone by super quickly. It's been a week of looking at houses, working, reading, shopping and spending time with my BFF. 

So here's what's been happening this week! >> 

Recently Loving: This snuggly girl! Chanel has been ultra snuggly lately and we're totally not complaining.

Also, does anyone elses dog find anything on the floor and automatically lay on it? It doesn't matter if it's a face washer or tea towel or a sheet set - this little miss will find anything on the floor (including clothing) and make it her temporary bed.

She also prefers to sleep under my coffee table in my office so I decided to make it a bit more comfortable with her favourite blanket and she's spent all day everyday curled up in her favourite spot. 

Or snuggling on the chair, because she's realised Trixie always snuggles up on the chair and she doesn't want to miss out on the comfiness. 

Seriously. Our dogs are the snuggliest, laziest creatures in the world 😜

Dogs are like their owners - huh? 

Recently Laughing At: The things you see when looking to buy a house.

This house looked so promising - but was SO disappointing. The owners had cut so many corners on their renovations and the quality was shocking - and we couldn't help but laughed when we realised they'd painted around every box in the garage because they clearly couldn't be bothered with moving it 😜

Oy vey! It was the perfect example of how lazy their reno job was! (And when I mean it was disappointing, there were gauges out of the walls and dodgy tiling that looked like it was done with Youtube instructions that would probably only last another year before it needed to be redone and so much more).

Recently Ordering: Things to make keychains! I ordered these castle keychain blanks (though I ordered blank ones) and a bunch of other bits and pieces and I can't wait til they arrive!

UV Resin DIY Kit from Amazon Reviews

I also ordered this UV Resin + Light Kit from Amazon after seeing a bunch of reviews on Cricut groups. It is SOOO cheap so I'm kind of cautious, but I'll report back on how it works!

In the past I haven't sealed my keychains, but I really want to add glitter and I love the raised look you get with resin so I'm excited!

The Last Wife Book Review

Recently Reading: A bunch of good books! The Last Wife, The Iron King and Into the Abyss are some of my recent reads that I'd highly recommend!

I have a huge stack of books to read that I'm hoping to get through by the end of August and I can't wait to dive in. I've definitely kicked my reading funk to the kerb!

Easy Blueberry Friands Recipe Gluten Free No Whipping

Recently Posting: This Easy Blueberry Friands Recipe that we can't get enough of! SO so good!


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