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Friday, August 7, 2020

Recent Things: A Big Catch Up

Recent Things Weekly Recap

Hey there! It has been a little while between Recent Things post, but life has been crazy lately.

Our weeks have been full of work, house inspections, vet appointments, catching up with friends, going to church, seeing family and just a whole lot of busyness. Oh and washing our car... because we're still in the new car honeymoon period where our car is looking shiny and clean all the time 😜

But whilst I didn't have time to put together a recipe for this week, I wanted to catch you up on what's been happening in our world recently.
Here's what we've been up to! >> 

Recently Purchasing: Face masks (this one was the first + most comfortable!) - to do the responsible citizen thing. Whilst the case numbers in our state (and area) are still quite low compared to the rest of the world (averaging 12 new cases a day in the state), the government advised wearing masks in grocery stores/churches/public transport/more crowded areas as a precaution so that's what we're going to do. 

Did I feel ridiculous? Yep. 

But i'd rather wear a mask and hope other people to do so we can kick COVID to the curb for good. Australia was doing so well and I'm hoping we can do the right thing and get back to "normal" sooner rather than later.

This mask is from Slumbies, purchased on Amazon. 

Recently Snuggling: Two very sooky puppies!

Why is it that both dogs always seem to hurt themselves at the same time? Last week Chanel randomly started crying in pain whenever she moved. She was fine whenever she wasn't pulling herself up but definitely sore so we decided to take her to the vet the next morning (it was late in the evening). 

The next morning she woke up sore, so I spent an hour ringing around to different vets because our vet was fully booked and so was almost every other vet in the area (most were telling me their next appointment was a week away?!). I finally got an appointment for her at 4pm and so I stayed with her during the day to make sure she was okay.

Fast forward to about 2pm and Chanel is acting like nothing has happened. She doesn't seem to be sore, has only cried once all day and when my Mum gets home, leaps over to her like a bouncy puppy.

Take her to the vet, vet can't find anything but gives her an anti inflammatory injection just incase.

Not even joking with the transformation... this was Miss Chanel on the way home from the vet...

Was she acting to get attention? I don't know. 

Then, fast forward to Saturday and I get home after being out for an hour to my Mum asking where I'd been because Trixie had hurt her foot and was bleeding all over the place.

She thought she'd fixed the issue... but then I pick Trixie up to see if she's okay and blood starts pouring out of her foot everywhere.

And i'm not exaggerating when I say pouring. Trixie had had a bath the day before so she was white and clean and looked like a murder scene 😜She had blood all over her, I had blood all over me - it was a mess.

Sooo, we had one crying dog on Thursday and another crying dog on Saturday who then limped around the rest of the weekend.

Both are fine now, but sheeesh.

Book Recommendations for COVID Lockdown

Recently Reading: A bunch of books! Here's what I've read and enjoyed lately (I'll leave off the fails)

Recently Zooming: With Disney friends! We still can't meet in person, but we can meet online so we grabbed our ears and the laptop and enjoyed an evening of all things Disney.

It's kind of crazy to think it could be multiple years before we get to go to Disneyland again... or even overseas in general. Usually Disneyana meetings are filled with people talking about their trips or future trips - but instead we were all talking about cancelled trips and wondering when/if we might get to walk down Main Street again!

Best car products for washing a black car at home

Recently Cleaning: The car. Not even kidding. Jesse and I are a car washing dream team.

If you want a shiny car, I have some products you NEED to buy (not even kidding... they make it easy to look like you're a professional car detailer). 

And these would make the perfect Car-Dad hamper for Father's Day 😜

Numero uno: This RV Wash and Wax - we use it everytime we wash the car. Just add some to a bucket, fill with water. Wash, rinse and you're ready to dry. Obviously our car is not an RV, but it works on any vehicle haha.

Numero dos: A good chamois (AU link here) to dry the car after you've rinsed it. Don't use a synthetic one because they're pretty much useless.

Numero tres: Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Wax (AU link). Jesse's boss recommended this and it makes the car SO shiny. We have only used it once (it's supposed to last 12 months) and it has made subsequent washings so easy. Basically it stops water from leaving streaks when it rains/you wash it. We use 2x thick and fluffy microfibre cloths (AU link here) - one to apply the wax and one to wipe the excess off. 

And that's all, folks! There ends my #carinfluencer spiel... and no, that's not sponsored.. just sharing because why not!

Recently Exploring: New parts of our area. 

Have I been living in the same area for almost 28 years? Yes.

Did I only just find somewhere new to explore? Also yes.

We had to kill some time before putting the chairs out at church and this was the perfect way to kill it!

But tell me, 
What's been happening in YOUR world? 


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