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Friday, August 14, 2020

Recent Things: House Offers, Birthdays and Board Games

Recent Things Weekly Catch Up Post

Hello there! Happpyyyy Friday!

It has been a rollercoaster week for us this week. I've celebrated my birthday, we spent the weekend looking at houses, put an offer on a house (more on that), had our mortgage application approved, had a game night with friends and more and we are READY for the weekend.

But first, let me catch you up on the week! >> 

Recently Wearing: Face masks. Would I rather not be wearing them? Yes. Is it killing me to wear one? Nope. Just wear the damn mask people and let's get back to travelling sooner rather than later 😜

Still loving this Slumbies Mask and I'm pretty sure I will soon be able to start a Slumbies club because so many friends now have them too, haha!

Buy a house they said, it'll be fun they said

Recent Frustrations: The house buying process. On the weekend we looked at a bunch of properties, I had an emotional breakdown and then we decided to make an offer on one of the properties. 

We didn't love it, but with a bit of work it could have been great. On Monday we put the offer in and on Tuesday the agent gave it to the owners who decided to get a bit greedy and increase their sale price. Before we offered, they were open and willing to sell prior to auction but they decided they wanted to go to auction to get the most money possible.

It was actually a blessing in disguise because after our offer was rejected (and we didn't want to offer the new asking price as it totally wasn't worth what they wanted), we thought about it and decided we'd rather walk away and wait for something better.

Soooo, there's always a silver lining, pals!

Recently Playing: Board games with friends - and this is legitimately what it looks like whenever Jesse takes board games out of the cupboard. What a mess 😓Luckily he cleaned it up - but this is what happens when you have too many board games.

I've also been updating our Ultimate Board Game Guide and The Ultimate Adult Board Game Guide with new Australian and international links so you can find a stack of new board games to play!

Recently Eating: This Falafel Waffles Recipes with Avocado + Salsa on top. Looks gross, tastes delicious. OBSESSED!

Recently Realising: My pups are playing a game of who can get the most attention. They used to sit on the chair together, but now one will spread out so the other has to sit on the floor beside the chair. I'm not mad about the puppy loving, but it's pretty funny how jealous they get!

Recent Surprises: Everyone was working on my birthday, but Jesse made sure I had a day full of surprises as he'd hidden birthday cards all around my office and the house. Seriously the sweetest husband in the world ❤️ 

Recently Baking: These Vanilla and Lemon Cupcakes to share our bible study group for my birthday! Ignore the very messy frosting because your girl has seriously bad carpal tunnel and was trying to pipe frosting with my bad hand 😜

Frosting with your arm with a rotational disability is a struggle. Luckily they tasted better than they looked!

Recently Posting: This Falafel Waffles Recipe which I mentioned above. SOOOOO good!!


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  1. I'm excited to try your falafel waffle recipe! It looks so good! We have a fav falafel recipe that we've tried to waffle before... it usually ends in a pile of waffle crumbs though :P

    Thinking about you guys during your house buying process! I agree that it's quite the emotional ordeal. But you will be in your own cozy place before you know it!!

    I've also got to ask, where is your sweater in the first picture from? It looks so so cozy! (Never mind that I just purged my sweater collection earlier this year... you can never have too many :P)

    1. That cardigan is so old - BUT, last year I bought this one from Amazon and it's so cosy and warm

      Otherwise, I always find I have more like a TJ Maxx/Marshalls/Ross than anywhere else in the US... or Anthro, but they are usually expeeenssivveee!


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