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Friday, September 25, 2020

Recent Things: A Handful of a Facebook Marketplace Find

Recent Things Weekly Recap

Hellooo! Happy Friday!

The cat is finally out of the bag so now you understand why I've been so absent lately - but I'm back! What a ride!

This week has been spent busily working, tie dying, looking at furniture and trying to return to some kind of normal life - but I've got lot's to catch you up on!

Here's what been happening in our world lately! >> 

Weird Finds on Facebook Marketplace - The Hand Chair

Recently Discovering: Facebook Marketplace is home to some reaaaaalllyyyy weird stuff.... like this hand chair. I don't even want to understand the thinking that went into making this chair. 

Also, people selling things on Facebook marketplace are really frustrating. I was all but ready to leave our house and head to the other side of the city when the seller suddenly "had a really bad cold" and needed to cancel.... but also marked the item as sold.


Disneyland Items at Target Australia

Recently Wishing: This came in my size! Target Australia has the cutest Disneyland things at the moment and I'm totally hoping this is just the start. We need more Disney in Australia!

I still think they need to bring Disney stores back to Australia (because we know Australia will never get a Disneyland) and if they do, I'd totally take a part time job there.

Disney Pop Funko Something Wild Card Game Review

Recently Playing: Games with friends! We got 2 sets of the Disney Funko Something Wild Card Games (so cute and so easy to play!) as well as a bunch of other games. (AU link for the card game is here

Fluxx Holiday Edition Card Game Review

We also played and loved Holiday Fluxx! (AU link is here!) I've played a bunch of different Fluxx games but this one might be my favourite. It's also so much simpler so a great game to play with people who aren't big fans of board/card games. Perfect for Christmas Day!

Handmade Disney Castle Keychains

Recently Making: Keychains! This was one of my favourite ones that I've made so far! The Disneyland Castle!

Happy Little Vegemite Onesie

And onesies! Not for me (hold your horses, people!) but for friends! This one was for a friend's hairdresser who is having a baby!

We Bought a House - Crazy First Home Buyer Stories

Recently Buying: A house! We still can't believe it. If you haven't read the story, it's a litttttlleeeee bit (okay, a LOT) crazy and stressful and it's all here.

Christmas Decorations at Big W

Recently Loving: Seeing Christmas decorations in store! Wheeeee!!! I am so excited for Christmas. At this point, we won't be moving into our house until December buttttt, I am already looking to buy decorations 😜

Also, I realise it's September but there is never a bad time for Christmas decorations or Christmas music. 

Looking for Furniture in Australia

Recently Realising: Finding furniture in Australia is a struggle. When we were looking at furniture in California last year I found SO many pieces I loved... but so far in Australia? Nopeeeeeeeee.

This table was nice, but the price tag? Not so much. 

If you have good furniture store suggestions, let me know because I am all ears!

Sowing Seeds for Spring

Recently Planting: Veggies! I already have pineapple plants, plum trees and capsicum plants but I just sowed poppy, marigold, cherry tomatoes, yellow squash, cucumbers and heirloom tomato seeds yesterday. 

I am also thinking about buying a lemon tree and mandarin tree because we would totally have enough room for them... and I want to plant passionfruit along one of the fences but Jesse gave the thumbs down on that. 

But tell me! 
What's been happening in your life lately?


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  1. I agree with Jesse on the passionfruit- our neighbour has one and it is constantly invading the exterior of my home!

    1. Good to know! If I do grow them I'll add their own trellis and not put them on the fence!


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