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Friday, November 6, 2020

Recent Things: The Tree Hunt and Homeware Heaven

Recent Things Weekly Recap

Hey there! Happpppyyyy Friday!

I am writing to you with the first bit of noteworthy internet I've had all week so Friday is already looking great 😛I'm sure millions of other Australians feel my NBN (National Broadband Network) pain sooooo we'll leave it at that.

Let's jump right into the week that was!

ALDI Christmas Tree Availability NSW

Recently Buying: A Christmas tree!! 

When I asked for Christmas tree suggestions a few weeks ago on Instagram, so many people recommended the ALDI tree - so when I saw it was for sale, I knew I had to try and grab one!

A few days before it was due to come on sale, ALDI announced that they were having stock issues and the trees wouldn't be available, but on Wednesday I noticed people posting about them so Mum and I decided to have a look for ourselves!

We went to one ALDI near us where we found they had completely sold out (at 10am) and then decided to try a different ALDI that was just 5 minutes away and BINGO! Christmas tree located!

I have no idea what it will look like out of the box, but for $99... I am more than happy. Especially because it's pre-lit and I don't have to worry about getting tangled in fairy lights! Woohoo!

A Very Cricut Christmas

Recently Enjoying: An afternoon of Cricut crafting at their Christmas event! It kind of made me want to go home and craft alllll the things... and now that our internet is back on, I can!

I think tomorrow will be a crafty day, as well as a baking day as our oven is back working again after looking like it was a goner!

Apple Core in Pineapple Plant to Produce Fruit

Recent Gardening: It's all systems go in the veggie patch - and I've been experimenting with a few different things.

Someone told me that adding an apple core to your pineapple plant will cause it to produce fruit faster... soooo, my bigger pineapple plants all now have delicious rotting apple cores inside them (we'll see what happens!).

Thinned Tomato Seedlings

And after a big trip to Bunnings, I spent all of Saturday... in the midst of the pouring rain.... thinning seedlings and planting things.

Dead Tomato Plants

Only problem? It continued to rain all week long... sooooo, a few of my thinned tomato seedlings are now dead. We'll see if they come back to life... but I have 8 others that are now sheltered from the rain and wind and will hopefully survive!

Provincial Furniture Store Sydney

Recent Looking At: Furniture - and discovering a new favourite shop! 

I've never seen a Provincial Home Living Store before and now I am OBSESSED.  The store looks like someone took the inside of my brain and plonked it all in one place 🥰

Shack Living Dining Table

Also, I think this dining table from Shack Living may be the one! Such a gorgeous table and they have one that seats up to 14 which is perfect (and our dining room is big enough for it!).

We'll see. Jesse pretty much died when I told him how much it was.... but it's on sale right now soooooooo.

Kristy the Christmas Queen

Recent Laughing At: This random photo that came up in a Facebook memory. One of my aunties shared it and I think it's pretty clear that I've always loved a theme... and Christmas 😜

Walking with the Puppies

Recent Taking Advantage Of: Every little bit of sunshine! The weather has been awful in Sydney lately so whenever the sun is out, you'll find me (and the puppers!) enjoying it!

Wilderbean Gluten Free Vegan Mac and Cheese

Recent Trying: Wilderbean's gluten free mac and cheeze! I tried the Herby one last weekend which was pretty good (but not as flavourful as I would have hoped) and I've heard that the chilli one has so much more flavour, so I'm looking forward to trying that next!

But tell me, 
How has your week been? 
And what's your Christmas style? Do you like to get started early? Leave everything til the last minute? Or are you not a Christmas fan? 


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