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Friday, December 11, 2020

Recent Things: From a New Address!

Recent Things from a New Address

Hello there, from a new address! 

We are now all moved into our new house and it has been a week... as well as a week in time. The big move in day was last Friday and we've been cleaning and unpacking ever since.

Jesse went back to work on Monday and by the time he went back to work on Tuesday, we had almost the entire house unpacked and cleaned from top to bottom. The only things we have left to unpack are our books and board games - but only because we need to fix those to the walls before filling them.

But let me catch you up on what's been happening, shall I?
Here's what's been happening recently! >> 

How to categorise moving boxes

Recently Packing: and unpacking... boxes! By the first night, we had all of the kitchen unpacked and organised as well as our bedroom and by the next day we had our offices unpacked and the lounge assembled and by Monday, we were almost completely unpacked.

Do we have an entire room filled with cardboard boxes waiting to go to the recycling centre? Yes. But for the most part the boxes are unpacked.

Snuggling Miss Chanel

Recently Missing: My puppers! They're staying with my Mum and Dad as Trixie is my sister's dog and Chanel is way too attached to Trixie to separate them. It just wouldn't be fair.

I've seen them quite a few days this week, but it doesn't make me any less sad! Especially when everytime I go over there, they need to be pretty much on top of me because they've clearly missed me too! 

IKEA Kivik Sofa in Hillared Anthracite

Recently Assembling: Furniture! Alllll the things have been arriving so our house has been a mess of boxes and plastic and screws and instructions. 

Now we're just waiting on dining chairs and I need to find a coffee table I like and we're sorted! 

This couch is the IKEA Kivik in Hillared Anthracite and it was originally supposed to be a temporary lounge for this space until we got the leather one we wanted, however, we love it way more than we thought we would so I think it's staying in this loungeroom for now!

Baby tomatoes growing on the vine

Recently Growing: Veggies! Things are actually growing so my efforts weren't a complete waste of time! I currently have capsicum/bell peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers actually growing (there are little baby fruits on each) and I cannot wait to eat them!

Shark Cordless Vacuum Review

Recently Cleaning: EVERYTHING. The house was so gross and my hands have been so dry from cleaning every last inch. Butttt, we got a new vacuum and it feels like a transformer vacuum so I am now happily vacuuming daily 😜

The vacuum is the cordless Shark vacuum (I also have a regular one coming so one will be upstairs and the other downstairs) and I'm kind of obsessed. It has headlights, bends to get under furniture and seriously sucks in the best possible way, haha. 

Fantastic Furniture Complaints Hamilton Buffet Review

Recently Frustration: Fantastic Furniture. I don't know that I've ever ordered from them before, but I don't think I will again.

First of all, my under 60 minute click and collect order took over 6 hours because apparently PayPal payments through their site take longer to process. They then advised me to place another order over the phone with the store and cancel the online order - but when I did that, they told me that both orders were ready at the same time and to cancel one, I'd have to first pick them up at the warehouse and then go to the store to cancel (Jesse was not happy with me wasting time haha).

Once I did that, we went home to put it together... only to find it was a faulty unit. The holes were in the wrong places, the door knobs weren't threaded properly and wouldn't screw on and when we had everything together, the right drawer would not close. We've pulled it apart, changed things and no dice... so now I'm waiting on them to send a replacement and pick up the faulty one. 

HOPEFULLY the next one actually works because I think it will look nice.

Because we're going to be renovating the room, we didn't want to buy something expensive and then buy what we wanted in 6 months time - so we thought this would be a quick fix.... and we were wrong 😜

But tell me, 
What's happening in YOUR world? 


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1 comment:

  1. I love reading all about your moving experience! And I like the couch :) We have a Kivik couch in our upstairs living room (although I'm going to replace it next year because Nelly did some permanent damage to it as a puppy haha).

    Lately I've been on a decluttering/nesting spree! I sold/am selling a bunch of things from our basement, have tossed several garbage bags already and filling more in my free time. Little dude also starts speech therapy this week so I'm excited about that! :D


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