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Friday, January 8, 2021

Recent Things: Sassy Ladies and Green Thumbing

Recent Things in the Southern In Law World

Hellloooo there! Happy Friday!

I have been pretty slack on the blogging front lately as we have been so busy with things at the house, but we're both back at work and life is pretty much back to normal - so I am back on a normal blogging schedule too!

Since I've been so slack, I've got lots to catch you up on!
Here's what's been happening recently! >> 

Home Grown Cherry Tomatoes

Recently Growing: Alll the veggies! The weather has been so weird this summer, but my veggies are finally starting to come through. We picked tomatoes this week and they were sooooo good! 

I've got heirloom tomatoes, reisetomatoes and cherry tomatoes growing at the moment and I can't wait to eat them all, haha. We've also got capsicum/bell pepper and cucumbers growing too!

Influence Book Review Sara Shepard

Recently Reading: Influence. Such a good book! A relatively quick and easy read with so many twists and turns. 

We also just started this weekly Bible Study with 52 of the Greatest Bible Stories and loving it!

Annual Christmas Tees - Custom T-Shirts made with the Cricut Maker

Recently Celebrating: Christmas! In this year's Cricut tees! We wanted to make a Disney themed tee and I jokingly mentioned this design to Jesse and he loved it - so we had to make it happen. I totally just recoloured the little green men from Toy Story and then added everything together and they turned out so cute! 

Board Games with Friends

Recently Playing: Board games with friends. Blokus may be the simplest classic game, but it's always a fave!

Garden Makeover

Recently Project: The garden. Our backyard was FULL of weeds.... and I mean.... FULL. 

These garden beds were completely green and no soil could been seen - but we've completely removed all of the weeds, turned cow manure and compost through the soil to revitalise it and turned the horrible weed ridden hydrophobic soil into plant friendly garden beds!

We're just waiting on some fruit trees and mulch and we'll be pretty much done until we re-do the deck and change the washing line.

SO much work, but it looks so much better and I'm so proud of all of our hard work!

Brownie S'mores around the Campfire

Recently Discovering: Brownie s'mores are really ridiculously delicious. I made my Fudgy Cornstarch Brownies Recipe, cut them into 9 pieces and roasted giant marshmallows over the fire. Once they were toasted, we smushed them on top of the brownie and heaaaaven! So so good.

Rain rain go away

Recently Tired: Of this weather! It has been raining almost every day and my plants have gone under the cover/back onto the patio/under the cover 10,000x times as we've had storms, crazy winds and so much rain. So much for summer!

Home Grown Roses

Recently Picking: Roses, from our backyard! These ones start out bright orange, then turn more of a pinky colour and then turn pink and red and they're so pretty! I've been leaving a few on the bush but always picking one for the table. 

Sassy Chilli Plant

Recently Loving: This sassy spicy lady! Both the chilli plant and the pots were gifts from friends and they go perfectly together! I kind of want face pots for all of my plants now 🤣

Croque Monsieur Strata Recipe

Recently Posting: This Croque Monsieur Strata Recipe. SOOOOO good!

But I want to know, what's happening in your life right now? 
Chat with me in the comments, or on Instagram or Facebook!


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