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Friday, March 19, 2021

Recent Things: Kitchen Updates and Tile Queens

Recent Things in the Southern In Law World

Hello there! Happy Friday!

So much has happened since my last Recent Things post. Our kitchen is gone, our renos are in full swing and I'm going to fill you in on all the details - with plenty of photos too.

Sooo, let's jump right into it! >> 

Kitchen Renovation Photos - Before and After

Recent Renovation Progress: In my last post, our kitchen looked like this (though this was a photo before we moved in). Today? The kitchen looks COMPLETELY different.... 

Kitchen Renovation Photos - Before and After

This is a photo Jesse took last night. 

The walls are gone, the new loungeroom wall and cavity slider door is up. The tiles are off and things are looking completely different!

This morning our kitchen guy is coming to do a final measure and next week we'll have the plumber moving the plumbing and bringing in the gas, the floor layer replacing and adding boards where the walls have come out and the builders will be back to gyprock the columns and keep working on the kitchen and loungeroom. The following week the floor sanders will be in to bring our floor back to its former glory!

It has been a very noisy, hectic and stressful week - but it's all starting to come together and we're already so happy with how it's looking!

Kitchen Renovation Photos - Before and After

Here's a pano of what it looked like last week before the floor came up and walls came out. We've actually changed the entrance into the kitchen (it's now that opening on the right, whereas previously you walked into the small hallway and turned right to enter where that bucket is by the wall) and just that alone made a huge difference.

The two columns you see in the previous photo are staying (they're supporting the roof because our kitchen and dining room is almost 7m wide - way too wide to not have any support and way too difficult to get a beam in) and whilst I was disappointed at first, once they're clad with gyprock and finished I think they'll be fine!

Rainbow Lorikeet Visitor while Working from the balcony

Recently Enjoying: I was enjoying working from the balcony last week and earlier this week (the bird visitors were not so popular with this bird phobic gal) but then the weather turned and it has been rainy and cold for the second half of this week so I have been working from Jesse's office upstairs.

My office downstairs is right next to the kitchen and it's way too loud down there with all of the construction work.... and my office is a total mess because everything that was downstairs has been moved into my office or the front bedroom whilst the construction is happening.

Queen of Tile Removal

Recently Working On: Taking the tiles up! Last Saturday we took up the entire hallway and kitchen and now all we have left to take up is the dining room and under the stairs and remova all of the staples and nails. 

It's been hard, sweaty and dusty work, but it's actually been really fun and rewarding.

Playdoh Bunny Classroom Gifts for Easter Free

Recently Making: These sweet Playdoh Bunny Easter Classroom Gifts which I shared the tutorial and printables for this week. Such a cute and easy craft for Easter!

Home Grown Cherry Tomatoes and Reisetomates

Recently Eating: Home grown tomatoes with fresh mozzarella and balsamic glaze - on repeat x100000. SO good! This week I had a bunch of reisetomate and cherry tomatoes ripening but I spotted a few heirlooms on the vine that are ripening and I can't wait to eat them!

Here's hoping the rain doesn't lead to stretch marks and swelling!

Choosing Kitchen Pendants

Recently Choosing: Kitchen pendants and ceiling fans. I think I've narrowed down my ceiling pendant choice (not this one) and we picked up two ceiling fans to put in our upstairs and downstairs loungerooms earlier in the week!

Roses from the Garden

Recently Picking: Roses from the garden to make me feel a bit better about all of the dust and dirt, haha! 

I am struggling with my house not being clean, but I know it's not forever! Everything is currently coated in dust and I know it will be for at least another 4 weeks - but that's just how it is!

Hello Fresh $50 off coupon

Recently Loving: Hello Fresh! It's made it so much easier whilst we had to temporarily move our kitchen upstairs as I can just bring the whole bag up. 

My $50 off code is still active (not sponsored) and you can use this link or the code HS-WWAC6XOIW . It does have to be a new account though to use the code!

But what's been happening in your world?! Catch me up!
And if you want to keep up with my day to day happenings and reno updates, follow us on Instagram here.


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