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Friday, March 16, 2018

Recent Things: Where to Find the CUTEST Coffee Mugs

Notice anything different?! 

You probably won't, but I changed the picture up there ^^^. Why? Because there's someone that will notice, and his name starts with a J. A round about this time every year, Jesse asks me why our Recent Things photo is SO outdated (don't even get him started on the blog header photo....) so I thought I'd beat him to it 😛

But luckily I have a lot more to share with you than just a new photo, 
So let me share what's been happening this week! >> 

Where to Buy Fun Mugs in Sydney Australia

Recently Searching For: ALLLL the fun/cute mugs. It's no secret that I love cute mugs - well, apparently it isn't a secret with many of you as lately I've gotten a lot of messages and emails about where I get all my mugs. 

The secret is, there's not just one place - I'm always on the lookout for fun mugs. But I decided I'd make my mug wishlist public so you can see all of the fun mugs I have on my wishlist. Here's my Mug Wishlist. I'm always adding to it - so bookmark it and come back to it 😛

Where to Buy Fun Mugs in Sydney Australia - Boss Lady Mug Where to Buy Funny Mugs in Sydney Australia - Life Begins After CoffeeWhere to Buy Cute Mugs in Sydney Australia - Butterfly Mug

Currently at the top of the list? This Boss Lady Mug, this Life After Coffee Mug and this Butterfly Mug - apparently I have a gold thing going at the moment.

The Dirty Book Club Book Review

Recently Reading: I just added a bunch of books to my Ultimate Bookshelf: What to Read Next post that I've read this week. 

I LOVED The Dirty Book Club and it's definitely up there as one of my favourite reads for the month. I want my own Gloria to choose a book club of best friends for me!

Recently Loving: This cool illustration Sarah from Garnet and Sapphire did for me! It's from our trip to Bali where I met a beautiful elephant (see the original photo in this post) and I totally love the illustration more than the original photo, haha!

She does the most beautiful illustrations and she's given Southern In Law readers 10% off your purchase for the next month with the code SIL10. That means you could get a custom wedding portrait or couple illustration for $27 - or a family one for just $45. Take a look at her store here.

Recent Puppy Loving: The mornings have been dark and days gloomy lately and that means the dogs have been extra sleepy and snuggly. We're not complaining though!

Recently Enjoying: But the weather hasn't been all bad! There have been a few beautiful golden sunshine mornings that make my heart sing!

Recently Creating: More little Alice in Wonderland themed nesting dolls. Over the weekend I made the White Rabbit and the Cheshire Cat. I don't love them - but I'm going to keep going with the Mad Hatter and finish the set!

Recently Asked: Where to buy this bookmark! Since posting this book flat lay on my Instagram yesterday, lots of you have been asking where I got that cute xoxo bookmark! The answer issssssssssssssss, amazon - and it's so cheap! Currently $2.27 plus free shipping!

Recent Posts: This week on the bloggity I shared a little bit of Easter Home Styling Inspiration with my March decor theme - as well as a deeeeeeeeeeeelicious Healthy Chicken Pot Pie Soup Recipe.

But tell me,
How has your week been? 

Do you have a favourite mug? What does it look like?
And what's something you're loving this week?!
My favourite mug changes all the time. Right now it's a super cute bunny mug I got for Easter... which I'll have to share soon! And another thing I'm loving this week? This peanut butter... forever my favourite!

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