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Work with Us!

Kristy has always been a wearer of many hats – as well as a blogger, Kristy is a professional writer who works with clients right around the globe, a photographer, a social media consultant, a recipe developer and she even dabbled in nannying.

There are a number of ways that you can work with us and we are always keen to work with companies and individuals in new and interesting ways. Here are just a few of the ways we could work together;
  • Recipe Development 

Kristy is a walking, talking, recipe developing machine.

She keeps notebooks all over the house, in the car, in her handbag and has numerous apps on her phone so she can jot down recipe ideas whenever inspiration strikes. Kristy is passionate about healthy living and loves creating delicious healthy recipes – whether they are sweet or savoury, breakfast or dinner or something totally out of the ordinary.

Whether you have a recipe in mind or no idea at all, we will work with you to create something delicious. We develop recipes both with and without food photography so the choice is totally yours. Contact us today to talk about rates and how we can help you!

Some examples of our Recipe Development and Food Photography Work:

Chocolate Swirl Banana Muffins
recipe development and food photography work for Freedom Foods using their new Smudge Spread. 

Spaghetti with Fresh Herbs, Zucchini and Creme Fraiche

recipe development, sponsored post and food photography work for Dairy Australia using Australian Dairy Award Winning YEA Brand Creme Fraiche

Banana Pudding

recipe development and food photography work for Freedom Foods using their non-dairy milks

  • Sponsored Posts
If you're looking to promote your product or service on Southern In-Law, a sponsored post is the best way to go about it. Our readers trust our opinions and love our posts so we've had incredible success with promoting products and services on Southern In-Law (and have proof of this!)

Whilst we do disclose all sponsored posts, our readers don't seem to mind this at all as they're know we're not talking at them, rather than talking to them. All of our posts are written with our unique SIL style - that's the reason readers love the blog, afterall!

We do sponsored posts in a couple of different ways and every post is different. So if you're interested in promoting your product/service in a standalone post please be sure to get in touch! These can include sponsored recipes, articles, informative pieces and opinion and experience pieces.

  • Southern In-Law in the Media 

Blikki Magazine

Southern In-Law Blikki Magazine

Home Gourmet Magazine

    • How to make a DIY Terrarium in a Jar
      Sponsored post for The Reject Shop - as featured on their website, social media pages and newsletter. 
      Full post, how-to and all graphic design banners etc created by Kristy for TRS.

    • DIY Halloween Treat Bags
      Sponsored post for The Reject Shop - as featured on their website, social media pages and newsletter. 
      Full post, how-to and all graphic design banners etc created by Kristy for TRS.

    • Brand Ambassadorship - 

    The reason blogs work is because they put real faces and names behind opinions. The reason why so many PR people are turning to bloggers is because they know the impact a personal opinion and personal story has.
    Kristy and Jesse are both available for Brand Ambassadorship programs. We love representing the brands we love and we'd love to speak with you about the ways we can work together and join forces.

    Kristy and Jesse are currently the Brand Ambassadors for The Reject Shop's Savvy Shopper Campaign, creating posts for the brand on a regular basis which you can see here.

    • Photography Work

    Kristy is a professional photographer with her work in supermarkets on packaging such as Pepe's Pastizzis, in family homes, on websites, in magazines and online. Whether it's food photography work, product photography or portrait photography, Kristy would love to speak with you about what she can do for you. Whether it is in conjunction with a sponsored post or recipe, for a recipe you have developed for your own site or for publications including cookbooks and magazines, we are more than happy to work out a plan for you.

    • Social Media Promotion - 

    We have a dedicated Social Media following who regularly interact and engage with our posts. If you're looking to promote your product/service or social media pages through our Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Pinterest be sure to get in touch! We can promote you on any or all of our platforms if you'd prefer to work with us on Social Media rather than the blog.

    • Conference/Event Attendance

    If you are interested in sponsoring a conference/event or looking to partner in an ongoing basis, we would love to represent your brand if it aligns with our lifestyle, blog and readership. Kristy is also available to speak on a panel or run cooking demonstrations/classes if you are an event coordinator.

    • Editorial Writing

    If you're looking for a writer for your publication, be sure to get in touch. Kristy is a professional writer with extensive experience and has written articles on a wide variety of subjects.

    • Product Reviews and Giveaways

    We are always interested in trying out and featuring new products that fit with our lifestyle and blog, however, please do know that accepting a product does not mean that it will be featured on the blog. We have a readership who truly trusts and values our opinion, so it's important to us that we only feature products and services that we truly love and recommend.

    Sending products for review also does not guarantee a dedicated post as those are reserved for sponsored posts (unless it's something we really love and think deserves a post of it's own). Most products sent for review, however, are featured on some or all of Southern In-Law's social media pages.

    All of our giveaway posts also include our opinion of the product so that readers can benefit from the post regardless of whether they are the winner. Because of this, we require product to be sent to us to review and test prior to the posting of the giveaway.

    Please Note: Our Editorial Policy
    Our Editorial Policy
    Southern In-Law is an incredibly popular blog with a proven record of success so we feel that any work with brands needs to work for everyone – us, the brand and most importantly our readers.

    We receive dozens of packages at our office each week, however, not every single one of those products make it to the blog. Our readers are our number one priority – this is why we are so careful with what goes on the blog. Our integrity is also important, as we’re sure you can respect. Whilst we often feature products that are sent to us to try, sending us product does not guarantee it will be featured on the blog – so please do be aware of that.
    It’s important that anything featured on the blog is something we’re 100% confident with. 

    We have a proven record of success with our promotional posts and our readers trust and value our opinion – so we won’t do anything to potentially damage that trust.

    All opinions on Southern In-Law are entirely our own. We love spreading the word about things we love, however, they have to be things we love – our opinions can’t be bought. We owe it to our readers to disclose anytime a post is sponsored or we received something from a company, however, we’ve found our readers still value these posts as they trust our opinion.

    We do have editorial control over our posts, however, if you are looking for your product/service to be featured on it's own or in a post with a certain style, please talk to us about our sponsored post rates.

    Please respect us enough not to expect us to work for free. Recipe development, food photography and tailored posts take a lot of work – and in order for us to keep doing this and growing the blog, it has to be worth our time and effort.

    If you’re a little confused about our policy, think of it this way: How many times do you pick up a magazine and brush over the recommended products or the advertisements on each page – think about how much money is spent on those advertising placements.

    Southern In-Law readers don’t brush over our reviews – they listen because they trust our opinion. We’re not talking at them – we’re talking to them and that’s why our reviews work. 

    When working with brands, we have the power to achieve something that magazines and regular advertising methods cannot – so think about the worth of that.

    Our goals when working with brands:
    • Content must be relevant, engaging and interesting for SIL readers.
    • The work must be beneficial for everyone (this is why we’re so picky – we want to make sure we’re actually advertising things that SIL readers will buy.
    • All content is written, reviewed, tried and tested by us – our readers come to the blog because they like our style and trust our opinion and this is why we have such a great success record
    • We always strive to develop a continuing relationship with brands.
    • Create sharable content that the brand’s target market will also love.

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