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Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Favourites: 20 July 2012

Well would you look at that, it's Friday again! From my post yesterday, you would've known that I've had a veeeery busy week. I've still seen some pretty awesome things and used my free time this morning to catch up on some blogs so I've got lots to share!


Nanny-ism of the week: This week's nannyism came courtesy of Miss H. We were making cookies with a recipe her mum left (using chickpeas) and H asked me if I liked chickpeas... our conversation went a little like this. 

H: Kristy... do you like chickpeas?
Me: I used to.. but I can't eat chickpeas, just like you can't drink normal milk. 
H: Ohhhhh... that's because you have nanny disease and can't eat chickpeas, right?

I couldn't help but giggle to myself! I guess that's one way to explain my food intolerances! To Jesse's nieces they decided in their heads that all food they could eat, I couldn't and all food I could eat, they couldn't - so I guess kids come up with their own explanations!

Cute Cakes of the Week:
I really want a bird cake topper for our wedding or engagement cake - to be honest, I'm very much leaning towards a love bird themed wedding, just not a tacky theme. I don't know why I love the idea of a bird theme, but I do! 

Warm and Fuzzies: 
As if these two bunnies kissing isn't completely adorable! I'm a dog person but these bunnies melted my heart! 

Favourite noms of the week:
If you follow me on Instagram (@southerninlaw) you'd have already seen this! My lovely friends at Chobani sent me some of their delicious yogurt this week to use in some recipes. I think it's safe to say I'm a chobani addict - I buy tub after tub after tub and I'm currently addicted to the 2% cho. It's perfect for muffin messes for breakfast or for using in recipes or having as a snack. 

Dream job? Professional Chobani eater.... seriously. When the box arrived my Mum even contented "Kristy.. do they know that plain chobani will be gone in a couple of days?" - she was right :P 

 Recipe I need to try:
This Fluffy Fruit, Flax and Veggie Bread from Jenn at Peas and Crayons looks delicious! I haven't baked with zucchini in a long time and this needs to change!

This week I'm loving:
Motherhood the musical - I won tickets in a competition and last night Mum and I went to see it at the Seymour Centre. It was fantastic. It is so true to life that it will make you laugh and cry. I'm not a mum, granted, but so many things I do as a nanny and I could also appreciate it as a daughter. It was the perfect night out with my wonderful Mum! We need to go to the theatre more often! (If only it wasn't so expensive!) 

Lunch in the Sun - on my nannying days I generally walk in the door frozen to the core and eating lunch in the sun is the ultimate way to defrost. Thankfully my iPad means I can catch up on all the things I need to do whilst soaking up the sunshine!

So tell me, how was your week? 
Anything exciting? interesting? fun? were you as busy as me?!
I still have 400+ unread items in my google reader that I haven't had time to read this week, so next weeks Friday Favourites may just have to feature some belated awesome posts.


  1. As always, I'm lovin' all of your Friday faves :) Chobani is DELICIOUS - I don't like the plain one that much, but my favorites are the Strawberry Banana 2% and the Pineapple 2%. Oh man!

    1. I wish we had more flavours in Australia. Whilst I was in Louisiana I really liked the vanilla and apple cinnamon chobani!


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