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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Six Sentence Sunday: 29 June 2014

We are so ready for a break as we've been working so incredibly hard this year and need time to rest and recoup. 

You know you have allergies when your suitcases are almost completely packed and one suitcase is full of food alone (and yes, I know the US has plenty of GF options - but I have a million and one other intolerances and most of what I could find in Louisiana made me sick!)

This morning we're on welcoming at church so we're running quiteeeeeeeeee a bit behind schedule as we decided to sleep in for once. 

Tomorrow is starting early as we've got to be at the airport at around 6am so I will have an entire day's worth of food in my purse to lug around (as gluten free plane food is not Kristy friendly)

I'm definitely blessed with such an amazing husband and I cannot wait to see how happy he is to be back home with his family for a while! 

I'm thinking of sharing our adventures in Louisiana with daily posts but I'm not sure what you'd like to see - do you want to know about everything or would you just prefer recipes?

But tell me, how has your weekend been?
And let me know what you'd like to see from us whilst we're in Louisiana!
There are lots of readers who have emailed us hoping to hear about all of what we get up to whilst we're in Louisiana - but I'd love to know what you'd like to see!


  1. Hehehehe, I just finished packing for my 3 day orientation tomorrow! I have a huge bag of food with me too, no worries ;)
    I'll be leaving at like 5am so I am guessing I will have to get up at 3:30, to get everything done!
    And I want to hear ALL about your trip! Even though I love in the states, I have never been to Louisiana, so I want to hear it all! Have fun girly! XOXO

  2. Oh darn! I was JUST going to say that it would be fun to see the places/cafes, etc. you guys stop by....but then you probably won't be eating out much! :P Still if you do, I'd like to see those! I'm a sucker for cafe reviews. I get all giddy for some weird reason.....

  3. Hi,
    Quick question - where did Jesse get your doughnut pan from? Have been trying to find one everywhere and no luck! Would love to see daily updates of live in USA.
    Victoria :)

  4. Hey Victoria, the donut pan was from Big W!

  5. Thanks Kristy - have tried there but they're out of stock. Will keep trying :)


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