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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Not so Six Sentence Sunday: 31st August 2014

We've had the weekend to ourselves and have done lots of things so this "Six Sentence Sunday" is kinda more of a weekend recap. 

Let's have a look at what we've been up to this weekend;

We've had what we're calling "a weekend off" this weekend as our church is away for the weekend at Stanwell Tops and we seriously needed some chill time to relax and recoup as things have been non-stop since we returned from the US.

Whilst we're always doing things together, we haven't had much time to spend quality time alone together lately (apart from my birthday) so two days to ourselves was exactly what we needed.

Yesterday we braved the cold and rain and headed over to EQ Village Markets. We used to loveeeeeeeee the markets at EQ so we went along with super high hopes...

But we were super disappointed :( 

Whilst a lot of the produce looked incredible, it was super overpriced and really not worth it. Definitely not a thing like the incredible Farmer's Market we went to in Louisiana. I wish we had produce farms closer to home to buy produce fresh from the growers! 

But we wandered around for a while and had a look at everything anyway. It was nice just getting out and going somwhere different  together so we weren't too disappointed.

I told Jesse to buy a fresh baguette because they looked and smelled amaaaaaazingggggggggg - and if I can't eat the delicious freshly baked gluten he better do it for me ;)

And I was hoping to get some fresh Pepe Saya butter but they didn't have any so I settled with a bag of organic Pink Lady Apples ($5 for 5)  which are amaaaaaaazing and I'm refusing to eat them any other way but fresh because they're so crisp and juicy.

Then it started to get really windy and rainy so Jesse grabbed something quickly for lunch and we made a run for the car.

Because there was nowhere under cover to sit at EQ, we drove over to Centennial Park and decided to have what we like to call a "car picnic"..... aka: sit in the warmth of your car and eat lunch with a view whilst it's rainy and windy and cold outside ;)

The rest of our day was spent working out, watching Once Upon a Time and relaxing with our sweet puppy girl.

This morning we didn't have church so I whipped up some pancakes (we also had pancakes yesterday morning - these Healthy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Protein Pancakes!) for us and we had a lazy morning. This morning's pancakes were super fluffy Buttermilk Yogurt Pancakes, topped with butter and maple syrup (I never put syrup on my pancakes but Jesse inspired me to try just a little and they were pretty good!)

It was definitely nice to have a slow start to the day - pancakes, a hot cup of tea, bible time and then I headed out for a walk in the gorgeous warm sunshine!!! 

Today has been absolutely beautiful and it's such a nice change from the dreary weather we've been having. 

And what does Kristy do when she has free time? Why bake, of course!

I made a big ol' mess in the kitchen and whipped up a bunch of treats for the start to the week as well as some chocolate mousse (as I randomly had a packet of Orgran Chocolate Mousse Mix in the cupboard - which Jesse has decided he loves - and you'd never know it's gluten free, egg free, dairy free, nut free, vegan or 98% fat free)

Jesse decided we should make the most of the gorgeous sunshine and head out for a second walk before lunch. We just walked around our neighbourhood but it was so nice to get out in the warm sunshine and talk and walk together. 

But how do you know when you're really lazy?  I didn't even get changed out of my workout gear until after lunch (because I was too busy baking!)

This afternoon has been a lazy one and I've just devoured a slice of one of today's baking masterpieces - a flourless chocolate peanut butter marble cake that's so so good and ridiculously high in protein!

But tell me, how has your weekend been? 
When's the last time you had a weekend off or a "staycation"? 
And if you're in Sydney, do you have any recommendations for great farmer's markets?


  1. Alanis Emilea Jayde QuinseyAugust 31, 2014 at 11:52 PM

    What a beautiful weekend you had. I always want a weekend like that but I can't help myself filling in time. I think I need to book in staycation time and make it a priority!!

  2. It was lovely! I am definitely like you - I can't help planning things of a weekend. We decided whilst we could do whatever we wanted on the weekend, we weren't going to schedule anything or make any specific plans - just go with the flow - and it was so so good!

  3. Omgshhhh how in the world is that gf bread soooo moist lookin'?!!!!!! And I don't know how you do it having to be gf and all, but I guess you have to do what you gotta do, right? Hope you have a beautiful day Kristy~~~~

  4. Haha, it takes a LOTTTTTTTTTT of practice but I've worked out how to make gluten free baked goods taste good! That recipe is more of a cake than a bread but it's so so good!

    I would definitely rather eat gluten - but when gluten makes me as sick as it does and my body is actually allergic to it, I've got to listen to what my body is telling me and avoid it!


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