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Friday, October 17, 2014

Recent Things: Gnocchi, Christmas Prepping and The Sun Is Back!

Another crazy week - but it's over! It's weekend time!

Let's have a look at what we've been loving recently!

A Date Day at The Royal National Park

Recent Fun: Our Wedding Anniversary Date Day! We seriously had the best weekend - and I wish every weekend was like that! I have the most awesome husband in the world - oh and the chocolate cake we had was awesome too ;P

Gluten Free Gnocchi for Dinner with Boscaiola Sauce

Gluten Free Gnocchi for Dinner with Boscaiola SauceRecent Yum: Last night we had gnocchi for dinner! I've never had gnocchi before (as my Mum doesn't like it so I always assumed I wouldn't when I was younger) and neither had Jesse but last night we got some gluten free gnocchi for dinner and tried something different and it was so so good!

Jesse had a boscaiola type sauce (minus the mushrooms) and I didn't have any gluten free ham so I had a boscaiola style sauce, minus the ham with five hundred times the mushrooms ;)

Healthier Shortbread Cookies for Christmas

Recent Baking Success: We're already thinking about Christmas and Jesse and I have been putting together a list of recipes we need to share on the blog this Holiday season. One of those recipes was a healthier shortbread recipe - and I have PERFECTED it this week! So so so so sooooooo yum. No more photos than that though because they went straight from the oven into muh belleh.

Cereal Mess for Breakfast

Recent Rekindled Obsession: Cereal messes! Oh how I love thee! Cereal, cottage cheese, banana/strawberries/blueberries, chia seeds and peanut butter. The ultimate breakfast fuel!

Raised Garden Bed Veggie Patch

Recent Garden Progress: The veggies survived the insane rain this week and are actually thriving! Now all of the seedlings have popped up except the eggplant which is still hiding.

Now I just need to be patient and wait for them to start producing edibles :P

Recent Plans: This weekend, we're hanging out with the lovely Lucie Zeka Wedding Photography as we're getting our Anniversary Photos taken! I cannot wait!! 

The Sun Returns!

Recent Joy: The sun returning! What was with this awful cold/rainy snap? I am so glad Spring has joined us once again as I was not liking the cold at all. I was so glad to be able to go for a walk again yesterday after not being able to on Wednesday.

Recent Achievement: Usually when working out, I have to avoid doing certain moves so that I don't hurt myself, however, yesterday I decided I could conquer mountain climbers despite my arm and I did! Andddddddd, I didn't fall on my face! (Which as hilarious as it sounds does happen a lot because my right arm has really limited strength and movement)

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But tell me, how has your week been?
What foods are you loving this week?
And what recipes would you like to see on SIL soon?


  1. How intense has the weather been, I was worried our strawberries would have a tough time coming back from the blanket of snow, but were flourishing with flowers once it melted. Can't wait for the shortbread recipe.

  2. Your winter is so short.....why is oirs so long!?!?!? Unfair :( Haha!
    Yay for cereal messes ;)

  3. Haha, it doesn't feel like it's short - but I suppose it is! Usually our seasons go Summer Nov-Jan (Ridiculously Hot) Spring (Hot Cold Hot Cold Hot Cold) Autumn/Fall Feb-May (Warm Cold Warm Cold Warm Cold) Winter Jun-Aug (Cold Rainy Cold Rainy Windy Windy Windy)

  4. It's been crazy! I'm glad to hear your strawberries survived though!

    The shortbread is so so good - I cannot wait to share it!


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