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Friday, November 14, 2014

Recent Things: Jungles, An On-Ground Flight Experience and Puppy Graduates

Why hello! This week has been ca-raaaaaaaazeeee-ayyy and I am so glad that tomorrow is Saturday so I can sleep in. Trixie is currently dreaming and whimpering/crying in her sleep and Chanel is being a watch dog and making sure she's okay (they finally like one another!! but more on that later) so let me get on with it and tell you about our week!

Recent Adventures: On Wednesday I had a bit of an odd experience! I had an in-flight experience whilst completely on the ground! I headed off to the Qantas Centre of Service Excellence (where I seriously want to move into - what an awesome space) with SIL Mama in tow (as Jesse had to work) to try out the new QANTAS Economy Dining Menu. 

QANTAS are totally changing their current menus - making meals 50% bigger and giving guests more options than ever before. Instead of the usual chicken or beef options in flight, you'll now be able to choose from four different meal options on your QANTAS long-haul flight (one of those being a special pre-order option like the Wagyu Beef). 

Unfortunately if you have a "special meal" there is still just one choice per special meal (in this case, the Gluten Free Meal was Roast Chicken with Carrot Puree, Roasted Sweet Potato and Green Beans) which is a little bit disappointing. I'm still hoping that, with time, QANTAS will rethink their special meal options as if you're gluten free you only have the option of gluten free dairy free which means your meal is heavy on the soy (which I'm intolerant to) and there is no vegetarian option for GF/DF meals. You can find more photos by searching the hashtag #QANTASFood on twitter or instagram!

I'll still have to pack all of my own food when flying, however, I was quite impressed by the "regular" meal choices - things like smoky barbecue beef with roasted sweet potatoes, broccoli and corn or honey roasted chicken with farro salad or seasonal vegetables with pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

One thing I do look forward to on QANTAS flights though is Weis bars! (As long as they don't serve pineapple or non-Kristy friendly ones, then I want to cry :P) When we were offered one on the way out I resisted the urge to run away with the whole bowl - and then happily hoovered mine in the car after spending two hours looking at food I couldn't eat :P

Oh what I would do for a lifetime supply of Weis bars (especially the cafe latte ones, heeeelllooooo deliciousness!)

Recent Chanel-ness: Well, first thing is first; Chanel now loves Trixie!!! Hallelujah!!

After spending a week and a bit of being absolutely terrified of Trixie and spending most of her time on the couch or on the stairs hiding from her - she is now playing with her and staying close by her. Last night Trixie went to puppy preschool and Chanel sat and cried the entire time waiting for her.

She even brought all of her toys out of her bed and lined them up ready to play with Trixie when she got home.

At the moment she's lying beside Trix whilst she dreams, just making sure she's safe and okay. 

Earlier in the week, Chanel had an appointment with Dr Dave from Dr Dave's Vets and Pets Darlinghurst. She needs to have her teeth cleaned and Dr Dave is definitely the best person for that. She had a full checkup and is in great health except for her teeth... and her weight. 

You see, my mama likes to treat Nelly a little too much - so big baby is going on a bit of a diet. So far it's not going so well, but I'm trying to train Mum to stop guilt feeding her and hoping that Chanel will start liking her new food soon or we'll have to look at other options!

Recent Trixie Business: Last night Miss Trixie graduated from Puppy Preschool! She can now sit and lie down on command and is pretty smart despite her extreme cheekiness. We're still absolutely in love with her.

She's still biting and chewing ALL THE THINGS but getting much better - and not attacking Nelly every time she comes close so we're getting there! 
Her absolute 
favourite thing to do though? Play in the garden. She's definitely from a farm because she can not have enough time outside - playing with sticks or pulling out the grass or (much to our dismay) digging holes.

She had her second round of vaccinations this week and was a bit of a sore, sooky puppy afterwards but that just meant we got extra snuggles. She's not as snuggly as Chanel - preferring to run around like a crazy mutt rather than snuggle quietly :P

 And she is still sleeping under anything she can possibly get under. This week's favourite spot is under out cabinet in the loungeroom - the space is teeny tiny but she nestles right in and goes to sleep. We're constantly calling for her because we can't figure out where she is - only to have her sneak out from under the couch or under a cupboard with her tail wagging :P

Recent Garden Jungle Progress: It seriously is a jungle out there! We've got to tame the garden beast this weekend. As we've got cucumbers and zucchinis in there that want to climb, we're going to put up some trestles so that they can so just that - as well as pull out and re-pot some of the marigolds to give some more room.

Does anyone have experience growing cucumbers or zucchini? Any tips to share?!

Recent ObsessionsChillFactor products! Whilst these are supposed to be for icecream and slushies - we've been using them in a totally different way. Instead of just drinking a boring old smoothie or protein shake, we pour them into these for a soft serve, icy treat. So so good - the only problem is that we can only have one a day because we have to re-freeze the container :P 

 Recent Drink of Choice: Going from one extreme to another :P I've been all about tea this week - I think because it's been a little chilly and windy earlier in the week. Our friends at Buji Tea sent us over a bunch of those teas and whilst I was hesitant at first (I'm a bit of a tea snob, unfortunately) I was totally impressed once I tried one. 

I think the fact that they look super pretty makes them even better, but Katrina and I have been loving them! They do have Teatoxes, but we've just been drinking one here and there when we feel like it. The Sunrise and Siesta teas are our fave for flavour! In the picture is the Siesta tea which is filled with rose petals, lavendar and jasmine blossoms as well as other delicious ingredients that makes the tea look great - but also helps you to relax and unwind.

But tell me, how has your week been?
What's your current drink of choice and what product are you loving at the moment?
We're also obsessed with our pizza maker - but haven't had any time to actually photograph any pizza (because we usually have five point two seconds to make dinner :P) so I'll have to tell you about that another time. 


  1. I am in love with Buji Tea also! It got rid of my bloating and I have heaps more energy through the day. I am on my second Skinny Dip program :) awesome tea


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