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Friday, November 7, 2014

Recent Things: Puppy Overload, Crazy Pants and New Bling!

Hello loves! I'm currently sitting with a very cheeky puppy in my arms (well arm, really...) and wondering how on earth it's Friday already as I can't believe she's been apart of our family for almost a full week! 

Be warned though - lots has happened this week and you're going to be seriously bombarded with cute puppy photos in this post ;P

So let me show you what we've been up to recently!

Recent Additions to the SIL Family: Little Miss Trixie! We picked her up late on Sunday night and we've been loving on her ever since!

She's a Shihtzu cross Maltese and she is incredible cheeky and naughty but oh so cute - we're kinda sorta in love with her already. She's Katrina's pup officially, however, she lives with all of us so we all get puppy love!

Recent Addictions: Yard Eggs. Some of our friends have chickens and they brought us along a dozen eggs from their chooks on Sunday at Church and Jesse has been as happy as a pig in mud. You really can taste the difference - and they look awesome because they're multicoloured!

Recent Love: Active Creatures activewear (and can you spot my shadow on the left behind me?). Whilst the pattern is totally out there for me, I cannot take them off because they are so so so comfortable. The ones pictured are the Legs Eleven Leggings and even have a sneaky little pocket on the back for your keys. I think I need a pair in every colour because they are ridiculously good. 

Recent Nelly-ness: The question on everyone's mind seems to be how miss Chanel is doing with the new pup. The answer? I guess you could say, so-so :P Trixie is incredibly boisterous and likes to bite and lunge and bark at Chanel so Chanel is kind of terrified of the puppy - but warming to her. She'll let the puppy play with her for a little bit, but then chicken out and run upstairs where Trixie can't get her.

She's been getting lots of attention and snuggles though away from puppy and has been enjoying watching tv with us in bed of a night. 

Recent Deliciousness: The other night I randomly came up with a recipe idea whilst "watching" tv (I say "watching" because clearly I'm not paying that much attention if I'm thinking about recipes :P) and made it the next day for dinner. On the right there is the most ridiculously delicious Ham and Cheese Cornbread Bake. Jesse wasn't so sure, but trusted my insanity and agreed to having it for dinner only to fall in love and ask if we could have it every day, three times a day for the next three weeks :P

Recent Fun: We have been madly working away on Christmas projects (whilst listening to Christmas music because you cannot have one without the other) to share with you all over the coming weeks and we are so excited. Here's a little sneak peek of what we worked on yesterday ;)

Recent Cute Overload: I'm kind of sort of obsessed with this photo I snapped of Trixie yesterday. TELL ME SHE IS NOT THE CUTEST THING EVER!?!?!?!

Recent Garden Growth: The garden is still flourishing and I have to seriously think about putting up a trellis to support our cucumber and zucchini plants as they're wanting to climb. If anyone has any tips, let me know!!

Recent Fabulousness: This ring from Bevilles. Remember how I lost my beloved ring gardening a month or so ago? I have a gorgeeeeeeeeeous replacement that I am seriously obsessed with. I seriously love Bevilles!

Recent Joy: On Sunday Jesse was baptised in front of our church family (and my parents!) at New Life Sunday at our church, along with some of our friends and friends' children! It was such an awesome thing to be a part of and I was so proud of him for getting up there and showing everyone that he has new life in Jesus!

Recent Giggles: Jesse playing with the puppy. He's in love with her too and cannot get enough of her :P 

But tell me, how has your week been?
What's the best thing that's happened this week?
And what are you currently loving? It could be food/products/puppies - anything!


  1. Yes cuteness overload! You make me want a cuddly puppy so bad!

  2. Haha she is adorable - I couldn't live without puppies in my life!

  3. I (friendly) teased someone and asked him about his dream job. This is from previously giving someone the cold shoulder and becoming extremely depressed when this person was around.

  4. Little steps make a world of difference! Way to go! xx

  5. There is something about a baby puppy... I think it is all that soft fur around their face.. Totally adorable! :)


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