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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Six Sentence Sunday: 21st December, 2014

Six Sentence Sunday

Outback Shack Gingerbread HouseOutback Shack Gingerbread House

Last night's Advent Calendar Activity was to make a Gingerbread House, however, I'm just going to put it out there as a PSA and say do not make the Coles "Outback Shack" Gingerbread House because the icing is dry as anything and the whole thing is a total disaster. 

Cronulla Beach Sydney Australia

A Christmas Miracle did happen yesterday though as my previously sand-hating husband took his shoes off at the beach, walked along the sand with me and even GOT IN THE WATER - and he's even promised to take me back to the beach next time we have a chance to spend a day in the sunshine #winning.

It's only taken me seven years to convince him that the beach is awesome but I'm going to take advantage of every single second he's happy to spend there as there really is no better feeling than sand between your toes!

Kristy at FlipOut Caringbah

We also went to Flip Out yesterday and whilst I originally wasn't going to jump, Jesse's brother decided he didn't want to at the last minute so I took his ticket and it was so much fun! 

Firepit at Home

Then we finished up the night with dinner with friends and a fire in our fire pit (which Jesse finally bought real firewood for so he didn't smoke us out!)

Now I'm just waiting to go for a walk around the park before heading back home to shower and get ready for Church this morning!

But tell me, how has your weekend been?


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