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Friday, January 2, 2015

Recent Things: Explorations, Random Meals and Ponytails

Hi sweet things! It's the first Friday of 2015 and as always on a Friday, it's time to catch up on our week! Jesse's brother is still here so we've been out and about a fair bit so I've got quite a bit to share!


Recent Adventures; Today we headed into the city (selfie stick central!) to explore and ended up heading over to Manly for lunch on the Ferry. We grabbed a quick bite to eat at the Ivanhoe and then strolled around Manly for a while before heading back on the ferry and heading home.


Recent Sights; We went to the Blue Mountains on Monday which was a craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzy hot day - but the perfect day to head to the mountains thanks to the bright blue skies. 

Unfortunately, every man and their dog also thought it was a glorious day to be at the mountains so we didn't get to do much at all. We headed to Scenic World, however, quickly gave up on that idea when we saw the line to get tickets went all through the building, out the door and then wrapped around the bottom level of the carpark. Nooooo thank you.

Recent Discoveries; I've decided this Christmas Eve we're going to St Matts at Manly. A live manger and camels? As if that's not the coolest Christmas Eve service ever!

Recent Hairstyle of Choice; Ponytails which is super weird for me as I've never been a ponytail person. It might be the heat or the fact my hair has been cray cray lately - but I've been loving messy ponytails night and day.

Recent Happiness; This is possibly really evil, however, I get great satisfaction out of proving people wrong when they're being really arrogant. Shut down.

Recent Fun; We've been having party after party after party here in the SIL house lately. With Christmas, New Years and time off work we've been spending lots of time with our family and friends and I couldn't be happier!

Recent Food Randomness; I'm on a mission to avoid my iron infusion as long as I possibly can, so I've been trying to get more iron in different ways. The latest way I've tried? Beef sausages for dinner. Can't say I was overly keen on them but they weren't too bad (I just wish I could eat ketchup to cover them up!)

Recent Things to Remember; Oh how I need to remember this on a daily basis right now.


But tell me, how has your week been?
Have you been up to anything exciting or eaten anything spectacularly delicious?!


  1. Look at all those beautiful views and scenery! Just more reasons why I want to see Australia some day!!!

    Haha, I love the to stick that everywhere!

  2. Haha, definitely - I think I need it plastered on my roof so it's the first thing I see each day :P

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