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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Six Sentence Sunday: 25th January 2014

Ohhhhhhh how I love the weekends - but oh how I love long weekends more as I feel like I can fit so much more in (well... er... because I can... derp)

After a pretty meh morning (getting blood tests and feeling absolutely exhausted due to my low iron levels), Jesse and I decided to improve our weekend with a backyard picnic dinner which was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than any normal dinner (snacky dinners FTW) as I didn't feel like cooking :P 

Today we've had a day full of fun and friends with church this morning, a barbecue lunch with friends post church and then we had some friends over for a swim this afternoon as it is H-O-T!

Tomorrow we've got the day off for Australia Day (hooray for national public holidays!) so we're having a barbecue with my Uncle and Cousins to celebrate in a relaxed but fun way. 

And it must be some kind of a Christmas summer miracle as I've been in the pool twice this month :P (I hate swimming and bodies of water and never ever go in the pool :P) 

But now I'm off to try something completely new for dinner as I'm going to try my hand at making a Kristy-friendly Sang Choi Bao (Sung choi bao? Asian lettuce cups?) so wish me luck!

But tell me, how has your weekend been?
And what's on your dinner table tonight?
And do you like swimming in the summer time (someone tell me I'm not a complete weirdo!)?


  1. I didn't swim once last summer :( I never even went to the beach which is only about an hour away) I seriously failed in that department, haha!


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