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Friday, March 6, 2015

Recent Things: Ugly But Delicious, Online Shopping Addictions & Snack Obsessions

Recent Things in the Southern In-Law World

Why hello lovely ones! I'm not sure where this week went... actually, I'm not sure where any week goes... well... other than in the past..... but it's Friday and it's time for our weekly Recent Things post! So let's take a look at what we've been up to this week, shall we?

There's lots of delicious eats, workouts, sneak peeks and weekend plans to share to let's get onto it! >> 

Creamy Chicken and Black Rice Soup

Boscaiola Potato BakeRecent Realisation: Jesse's been away for work again all week and I realised that when he's away, I tend to eat ugly dinners. I guess it's because Jesse won't try anything unless it looks good so I won't use things like black rice (which totally skeeves him out, but what I used above in my creamy chicken and rice soup) or make up ugly combinations of food - but when he's away I don't really care. Thus this girl has been flooding instagram with ugly food photos this week haha.

Good thing said ugly food still tastes ridiculously good!

Lightened Up Risotto with Grilled Chicken and Steamed Vegetables

Recent Favourite Meals: On Saturday night Jesse made a lightened up risotto in the Cuisine Companion (with my help) and I made sure to save some leftovers which I ate for lunch the next two days. Hellllllloooooooooo deliciousness. I'm already thinking we need to make another risotto soon so that I can eat more :P 

Workout Recap

Recent Workouts: After an injury and a bit of a set back on the weekend, I've actually been feeling really good this week (after my acupuncture appt, that is) and have noticed a huge difference in my workouts. 

Saturday: morning walk (someone pulled their hamstring on Friday so did as little as possible on Saturday only to have that backfire on her when her body rebelled and she woke up with completely numb legs on Sunday thanks to her horrible circulation)
Sunday: 10 min cardio + 5 min abs + 5 min obliques + morning walk
Monday: morning walk + 10 min cardio + 3 min abs + 5 min obliques + evening walk
Tuesday: 20 min cardio + 8 min lower abs + morning walk + walk to and from appointments + evening walk
Wednesday: 25 min cardio/strength + morning walk + walk home from church + evening wlak
Thursday: 15 min cardio + 6 min obliques + 6 min abs + morning walk + evening walk
Today: 20 min cardio/HIIT + 12 min abs + morning walk + chasing crazy kids at Ignite

Online Shopping Addiction

Recent Problem: Online shopping. You see, the recent drop in temperatures seemed to have made me panic and all of a sudden I was scrambling for winter clothes. Combine that with ridiculously good sales on OzSale and too many things to buy on eBay and all of a sudden you have a bunch of packages planned to arrive at your doorstep.

But seriously, OzSale, I'm glad you don't have free shipping because then I'd order way more than I already do. I managed to get 14 different clothing items for under $50! They have a ridiculous sales on ICE, Bonds, Top Shop and a bunch of other brands that are too good to miss! Go check it out now (and this isn't sponsored - I'm just seriously impressed with my bargains haha)

Mango and Banana Protein Muffins

Recent Snack-Obsession: These Mango and Banana Protein Muffins. I can't stop making them. The texture, taste, flavour - everything is spot on!

Pumpkin and Feta Quinoa Bowls

Recent Meals: As I said, Jesse's been away this week so I've been cooking for one! Here's what I've been eating lately. 

Saturday: Jesse's Cuisine Companion lightened up risotto with grilled chicken and veggies
Sunday: Crunchy beef tacos with avocado, cheese and sauteed zucchini (girl is on a zucchini kick) 
Monday: Roasted Pumpkin and Feta Quinoa Bowls with a side of sauteed zucchini and carrots (told you, obsessed)
Tuesday: Creamy chicken and black rice soup, made in the Cuisine Companion whilst I went for my evening walk and posted some letters - I am so loving that machine. I need to share the recipe for this soup ASAP - though with brown rice rather than black, I only made it with black rice as I was all out of brown/white rice and the colour was seriously weird haha.
Wednesday: Boscaiola Potato Bake with Salad (basically a lightened up creamy potato bake with ham and mushrooms added)
Thursday: Quinoa Stuffed Zucchini Boats with grilled chicken and salad
Tonight: Lean Beef Burgers on GF English Muffins with Salad (and I'm cooking burgers for our Ignite kiddos tonight too!)

But tell me, how has your week been?
What's the best thing you've eaten this week? 
And what are your favourite online stores?
I find I tend to buy only from a couple of online stores as I know their sizes work or I know their products are good. Usually I check out Cotton On, ICE, Typo, OzSale, Catch Of The Day - and of course iHerb for all of my gluten free baking products/supplements etc.


  1. O no! How did you pull your hamstring!? (and ahahaha chasing crazy kids...always works up a sweat ;) )
    My favorite online places to buy are Vitacost! and iHerb ;)

  2. I don't actually know - but I think it was overstretching somehow. As my blood flow is so shocking at the moment, I'm finding I injure really easily (and my acupuncturist thinks this was the issue) so I have to be uber careful!

    Vitacost is another good one - i always make a vitacost order when I'm in the US (as their shipping to Australia is a little pricey) and stock up on goodies!

  3. Those muffins look so yummy! Also, I love online shopping, too. We buy a lot from Amazon, since we have prime, which means free 2-day shipping. That has spoiled me, so now I hate to pay for shipping, and get impatient waiting a week!

  4. They are so good! I hate paying for shipping and I WISH we had amazon prime, haha. There are so little things on Amazon that will ship to Australia - but that's probably a good thing for my wallet :P


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