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Friday, April 3, 2015

Recent Things: Happy Birthday Jesse, Chocolate Loving and Lots of Laughs

Why hello my loves! Hopefully today you're enjoying a nice day off for the Easter long weekend. As well as celebrating Easter this weekend, we're also celebrating Jesse's birthday which is today! 

But let me get straight into telling you about what we've been up to lately! >> 

Recent Celebrations: As I mentioned, today is Jesse's birthday!!!! We keep making fun of him because he's a quarter of a century old but I still love him even in his old age ;) Tonight we're having our traditional Good Friday feast with friends whilst also celebrating Jesse's birthday so there will be lots of seafood, pumpkin pie (Jesse's favourite Healthy Pumpkin Pie Recipe) and cake (our favourite Lightened Up Healthier Butter Cake Recipe minus the sprinkles and with chocolate "sprinkles" instead as Jesse hates regular sprinkles - weirdo).

We're also having a barbeque on Saturday with family for his birthday and then another barbeque on Sunday after church to celebrate his birthday as well so this weekend will be full of delicious food!

Recent Eats: But it hasn't all been cake - we've had some deeeeeeeelicious dinners this week. Here's what's been on our dinner table lately;

Saturday: Homemade Lean Beef Burgers with Chips and Salad

Grilled Chicken Breast with Avocado and Feta with Vegetables and an English Muffin (random but I really felt like english muffins and Jesse agreed :P)

Lightened Up Boscaiola Risotto with salad

 Pumpkin and Feta Quinoa Bowls with Avocado (on the right!)

Wednesday: Grilled Chicken Breast with Lightened Up Creamy Mushroom Sauce, roasted kipfler potatoes and zucchini.

Healthy Mac and Cheese (our three ingredient recipe) with steamed veggies

Seafood feast for Jesse and the family and I'll be making something for myself (who knows what) to gobble down before everyone arrives!

Alter Eco Chocolate Review - iHerb Coupon Code - Alter Eco Discount Code

Recent Obsession: Alter Eco Chocolate get in my belleh. You can buy it here on iHerb (and they have free shipping to the US and Australia at the moment - win!) and there are so many delicious flavours. My personal faves? Dark Chocolate Blackout (85% dark chocolate) and the Dark Quinoa Crunch bar which is like a healthy version of a Nestle Crunch Bar!

Recent Love: Our puppers! They've been super snuggly this week with the cooler weather so both Jesse and I have been soaking up the extra loving!

Recent Fun: We went to the Comedy Store for a date night once again last Saturday for a stand up comedy show. This was our second time going and this time we managed to get tickets for just $15 each! We signed up to their email list (here's the subscribe link if you're interested) and get sent special offers every now and again when they have ticket sales or special offers. 

But tell me, how has your week been?
What was your last date night?
And what's the best thing you've eaten/done this week?


  1. Happy Birthday to your husband! Mmm, a seafood feast sounds great to me. I've tried the Alter Eco quinoa bar and I agree, it's like a healthier version of a Crunch bar! I liked it!

  2. I think Jesse has been waiting for Good Friday and his birthday to align ever since we've been together as it's his favourite eating day of the year haha

  3. O, tell him happy happy birthday!!! XOXO


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