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Friday, May 15, 2015

Recent Things: Blog Projects, New Obsessions and Layer Loving

Well hey! This is just a quick post as I'm about to rush off to the doctors to be jabbed (don't worry, it's just a blood test to check on my iron levels!) but I wanted to share what we've been up to this week with you before we get stuck into another seriously busy weekend!

So let's have a look at the week that was! >> 

From our Trio Account @southerninlaw

Recent Laughs; Jesse thinks I'm absolutely ridiculous because I admitted the only thing that gets me through intense squat sets is singing "Drop Squat it like its hottttttttttttttt, squat it likes it's hottttttttttt" - but I swear it turns a painful situtation into an enjoyable hilarious one :P 

Unfortunately I'm not as skilled as that dog but I am obsessed with the new Trio App.... you seriously need to go and download it ASAP (but do know you'll lose many many moments of your day flicking through and creating Trios :P). If you have Trio - follow us @southerninlaw!

Recent Eats: This week has been busy busy busy - but that just makes healthy meals all the more important! Here's what we've had on our dinner table this week;

Saturday: Creamy Chicken and Corn Pasta (a random concoction made after a crazy busy day!) served up with salad

Sunday: Our Healthy Hamburger Helper Pasta Recipe

Monday: Baked Chicken Breasts stuffed with Ham, Swiss Cheese and served with roasted kipfler potatoes and steamed veggies. Made for the whole SIL family!

Tuesday: Taco Tueeeeeessssddaaaayyy!

Wednesday: Homemade gluten free fish and chips! (girl eats fish now!)

Thursday: Healthy Chicken Pesto Risotto with veggies

Tonight: I'm making chicken burgers for our Igniters tonight so Jesse will probably have that for dinner whilst I quickly grab something before we rush out the door! I'm thinking of making a Healthy Sticky Peanut Stir Fry with chicken.

Recent Fun: I've been working on a couple of different blog projects this week (hence why I've been so busy and I don't have that much to share!) and I cannot wait to share them with you. 

Recent Fashion Must Haves: ALLLLLLLLLLLL the layers. I have mastered the art of layering thermal leggings, jeans, thermal singlets, long sleeve knitted tops, jumpers and a jacket/coat in one outfit whilst not looking like I've just come back from Antarctica. BOOM! Winter win! 

But tell me, how has your week been?
What's the best thing that you've done/eaten/watched/seen this week?
And what do you have planned for the weekend?
Be sure to leave a comment below so I don't look like a rambling idiot talking to herself ;) 



  1. Well now you have us all excited about these blog projects ;) Have a wonderful weekend dear!

  2. Hope you are having a fabulous weekend back home! xx

  3. Chicken burgers yummmmm! The Igniters are so lucky to have that for dinner, I hope they liked it! How many kids do you guys get each week? Keep up the great work! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  4. The chicken burgers were definitely a big hit! Our numbers vary each week but we average out at around 10 kids each Friday which is small - but that number is growing! After pretty much starting from scratch this year it's been hard work but we're getting there!

  5. I'm cleaning out the freezer and pantry and this recipe lists many ingredients I want to use. My question is steel cut, old fashion or quick cook oatmeal? Any adjustments necessary if nuts and/or sugar is added? Would like to make this today if anybody can help. Thanks.


  6. Hi Berni, quick cook or rolled traditional oats are best for this recipe. If you're adding nuts and/or sugar you don't need to add anything, however, if the batter is too thick add a tiny splash of milk. It should be a thick muffin like mixture but still easy enough to mix.


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