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Friday, June 19, 2015

Recent Things: Baby EVERYTHING, Snoogles and New Buys

 Hello lovely ones! Another week has flown by and it's Friday again! Lots has been happening this week so I have quite a bit to share with you - as well as a little hint of what's to come next week on the blog! >>
Zazzle Customised Chili Bowl - Eat Good Feel Good Bowl

Blogger T-Shirt Gift IdeasRecent Obsession: My new "chili bowls" from Zazzle which make the perfect breakfast/snack bowls! This one has a pretty floral design I created and then has "eat good, feel good" on the bottom left hand corner. You can find this exact bowl here.

I also ordered my favourite blogger t-shirt; this Shoot Eat Blog design (which I desired) on a baseball style tee! I'd never ordered clothing off Zazzle but I was SO happy with the quality and fit of this top that I know I'll be ordering again soon!

Zazzle have free regular shipping (including to Australia) on most items and usually have really great coupon codes if you sign up to their email newsletter. They also have an affiliate program for bloggers.

Mini Kristy

Recent Laughs: My mama and sister bought back a bunch of old photos from my Nanna's house this past weekend - including lots of photos of mini Kristy!

Mini KristyMini Kristy

Clearly I had style (and serious curls) as a child.

Mini KristyMini Kristy

And a little bit of sass and posing prowess to go with it ;P 

Mini Kristy

This photo, however, makes me laugh the most. Don't I look like I belong on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy or something with that hair and turtleneck? 

Baby Bunny RabbitBlack Baby Chow Chow

Baby Dingo PupsRecent Want: ALLLLLLLLL THE BABY ANIMALS! Baby dingoes, baby rabbits, baby ducks, baby errrr'thang!

I spent my hour and a half waiting for my Doctor's Appt on Wednesday looking at photos of baby animals and then begging Jesse for them :P

Speaking of doctor's appointments... whilst my haematologist was all ready to book me in for an iron infusion in the next four weeks, he's changed his mind and wants my iron levels to drop even more before the next one so I've got to wait up to four months (unless I get even sicker between now and then). 

Snoogle Pillow

 Recent Purchase: A snoogle... and no I'm not pregnant. I've always had issues with hip pain and my hips going out of alignment so when I was told I should try sleeping with a pillow between my legs (to stop my hips turning inwards as I sleep on my side), I naturally went and bought myself a brand new snoogle from eBay. 

I've been wanting one forever but never had a reason to buy one... until now! Jesse may have to buy another bed for himself but such is life ;P 

Update on Monique: First of all, thank you thank you  thank you thank you thank you for all of you who took the time to prayer for my beautiful friend Monique and her family (see here if you don't know what I'm talking about).

I am very happy to let you know she is slowly on the mend! She was taken out of the induced coma 11 days after she was  first admitted into hospital and she's now alert and awake. She's still very sick, weak and scared of all that's been going on and is just coming to the realisation of just how crazy this ride she's been on has been. Please keep praying for Monique as doctors still aren't certain of what caused all of this (only identifying strep C and glandular fever) and she's still got a journey ahead of her. Pray for strength, rest and courage as she continues fighting!

Recent Plans: This weekend we've got quite a lot planned! Tomorrow I'm rounding up some girlfriends and heading out for high tea and then, depending on the weather, Jesse and I will either be heading to the movies or heading down the coast to go exploring! I'll be sure to catch you up on what we get up to next week though!

But tell me, how has your week been?
What's one thing awesome that happened this week?



  1. So good to hear that Monique is heading in the right direction as far as her health concerns! That is great. I hope you have a great weekend! High tea sounds fun.

  2. I think it should be "COOK, shoot, eat,blog" ;)
    And Old photos are the BEST! Love looking at them!

  3. I'm so glad to hear that Monique is doing better! One awesome thing that happened this week is that I got to visit and play with my baby brother for the first time in a month! Hope your weekend is fabulous no matter the weather :)

  4. High tea was definitely lots of fun! Hope your weekend was fabulous! xx

  5. Haha they are! It's so good reminiscing too!

  6. How cute! Spending time with family is always awesome!


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