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Friday, July 24, 2015

Recent Things: New Additions, Random Lumps & Current Obsessions

Heeeeelllooo! It's Friday again and we are so ready for the weekend! Having spent the week busily working away on writing projects, I am so ready to put my feet up and enjoy some much needed rest time!

But first, let me fill you in on what we've been up to this week!! >>

Recent Additions: This week Jesse and I went from having four nieces to FIVE! Little Raelynn was born at the beginning of the week, putting our niece and nephew total to six! 

Recent Continuous Obsession: Strawberries! I can't stop, won't stop eating them and they are SO good at the moment! 

Recent Health: Sooooo, on Tuesday night I had a totally random discovery. I plopped myself onto the couch to talk to my Mum, somehow bumping my chin in the process and realising it was very very sore. I rubbed my chin, as you do when you hurt yourself, and noticed a pea sized lump right in the middle of the underside of my chin. 

It was hard and sore to touch and felt like the glands you have on each side under your jaw, however, none of us had ever felt a lump in the middle. I also had a fever and was feeling a bit off so I decided to head to the doctor the next morning where I found out it was indeed a gland that was swollen (not a secret twin, haha!).

The doctor thinks its just due to an infection of sorts and told me to take it easy and come back if it's still there in a week. I'm still rocking the pea lump and feeling a little funky but I'm hoping i'll be back to normal ASAP!

Recent Requirement: Cofffffffffffffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I have been working on a stack of copywriting projects this week - some of which have been longggg and tedious so coffee was an absolute must!

It doesn't actually give me energy (the effects of caffeine are lost on my body) but I like the taste and like to pretend it has a placebo effect, ha!

Recent Adventures: On Saturday Jesse and I decided to head out for a long walk. We headed through the park, crossing the river and exploring the mangrove track and then crossed a couple of suburbs before turning around and heading for home. We walked for just over an hour and in sheer brilliance, made it home just as it started to rain!

Recent Fails: Someone got a little too excited on the weekend about her IT band and hip issues healing up and manage to totally undo all of the healing! After our walk on Saturday I was back to hobbling around and haven't touched the treadmill since. I'm focusing on strengthening exercises and getting physio treatments for the moment to trying and sort it out! 

Recent Favourites: This Lightened Up Brownie Recipe. So so good! i had to make another batch after posting the recipe on Wednesday because we all needed to bask in the deliciousness once again!

Recent Plans: This weekend is all about rest! The only thing we have planned is a physio appointment for me on Saturday and church on Sunday. I've got a couple of books I want to read so I think it will be one veeeeery lazy weekend!

But tell me, how has your week been?
What are your weekend plans?
And what's one stand out thing from the last week?



  1. Haha, I love "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"--it's one of my favorite movies! I love both of your memes this week, actually. :) My "weekend" (which is actually Tuesday and Wednesday) was wonderful; basically just sleeping, eating, reading, and trying some yoga!

  2. Such a sweet baby!!! Adorable blessing!
    I'm jealous you have such beautiful strawberries during your winter season ;) They're better looking than our summer ones right now!

  3. Congrats on your new niece! She's adorable! A lazy weekend sounds perfect! Hope you're feeling better soon! Those brownies and coffee have to help some, rights? ;)

  4. That sounds like the perfect weekend - albeit not on the official weekend! ;) xx

  5. She is very cute and already so loved by her big sisters!

    We are really lucky when it comes to strawberries as we tend to have a really long season! They're a bit pricier but so so worth it!

  6. Haha, brownies and coffee fix everything! ;) xx


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