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Friday, July 10, 2015

Recent Things: Taco Tuesdays and Scary Plans

Hello lovely ones! Another week has gone and it's our last free Friday night before Ignite starts back for another term. As much as I like spending time with those crazy kids I have been loving how productive and less stressful our weeks have been during this break. 

But I guess that's what happen when you can fit in a proper working week instead of a broken one! 

Nevertheless, here's what we've been up to this week >>


Recent Deliciousness; Salted popcorn and crunchy almond butter or peanut butter. Sounds odd, tastes amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing. Seriously, you have to try it at least once!


Recent Puppy Loving; Trixie has been a naughty puppy this week whilst Chanel has been super sleepy and snuggly thanks to the cold. Trixie has a new blue bouncy ball that she is obsessed with and cries ALLLLLL DAYYYYYYYY LONGGGGGGGGGGGG at us to throw it and thus, when I'm at home working, I feel like my life is a continually game of fetch. 


Recent Eats; Soooo um, someone keeps forgetting to put our weekly eats in these recent things posts and since I've received quite a few emails and messages from you guys I thought I'd better get onto it! :P (I didn't actually realise that many of you use our weekly meals as ideas for your own meal plans!) 

  • Saturday: Healthy Cheesy Tuna Pasta Bake with steamed veggies before heading off to babysit!
  • Sunday: Steak with roasted potatoes, grilled veggies and salad. (because girl eats salad now!)
  • Monday: Chicken Cordon Bleu Roll Ups with steamed veggies 
  • Tuesday: TACOOOO TUESDAY (and I surprised Jesse with the taco plate from Typo on the right hehehe)
  • Wednesday: Pumpkin and Ricotta Lasagna (which you can see at the top) that was SO good.... even if Jesse told me I couldn't call it "lasagna" because in his head that means a tomato based sauce and meat >.>
  • Thursday: Grilled pork with steamed veggies and brown rice
  • Tonight: Jesse is working tonight so this girl is home on her own. That means I'll probably either make something easy or something Jesse doesn't like.

Recent Obsession; Strawberries. Any time. Any place. Any how. Any way.

I also made up a quick strawberry compote this week that I've been loving on toast with cream cheese.


Recent Fun; Babysitting! Some people hate it, we loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it! We got to babysit our three favourite little guys on Saturday night (plus our favourite gigantic pup who thinks he's a little guy). Jesse looks really tired in the photo above because he was dozing before Archie woke up for his bottle and then he snuggled with him for a bit whilst they watched Harry Potter :P 

Recent Plans; Are plans for the next couple of days are looking a bit scary! Tomorrow I'm flying solo as Jesse's off to a men's bbq with some guys from church and then in the evening he's heading to Escape of the Werewolf with some friends. On Sunday we don't have any plans except for going to church in the morning but on Monday night, we're heading to the Opera House to see Ghost Stories.

Ghost Stories, which I know nothing about other than the fact that it's supposedly hideously scary, is running at the Opera House until August 15th and is a West End play that has been re-invented for the Australian debut.

The website tells me Ghost Stories mixes the very best of theatre with all the thrills of a great horror film, taking you on a chilling journey that you'll never forget.

So if you don't hear from me from Tuesday onwards, you may assume that I was scared out of my wits and died of a heart attack or something... right? :P I mean... it even has a warning when you go to book tickets that it shouldn't be seen by those of a nervous disposition or by pregnant women. 

I'll definitely have to catch you up on how it goes how I survive.

But tell me, what have you been up to this week? 
And what do you have planned for the weekend?



  1. We love taco Tuesday, too! We had ours at a local microbrewery for lunch. Yum! Also, I am totally into strawberries as well, and have been loving them with ice cream, and cream cheese on toast. So good! I have never, ever heard of popcorn and peanut butter, though, but am completely intrigued. Do you just stir some in? Mmmmm. :)

  2. Your dogs are so adorable! I wish my dog understood how to play fetch, haha. And goodness, I'm pretty sure I would faint if I went to see Ghost Stories... I can hardly make it through things like "Scary Movie," and that movie's supposed to be funny! :P

    This weekend we're going camping (if the weather holds!) and trying dinner at a new restaurant!

  3. I generally just dollop it on top and then eat it with a spoon (otherwise you get pb/almond butter EVERYWHERE haha)

  4. Trixie doesn't quite get fetch as she doesn't bring the ball back (well, she kind of does but it's more, she runs to you and then runs away madly because she thinks you're stealing the ball - but then comes back because she actually does want you to throw it but doesn't want to give it up haha)

    Hope the weather was good for you and you enjoyed a camping weekend! How fun!


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