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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Travel: Our Home Away from Home in Norfolk Island

Tintoela Norfolk Island Kushu Cottage - Private Home Accomodation on Norfolk Island
Tintoela's Kushu Cottage, Norfolk Island
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When we arrived at the airport in Norfolk Island, we were greeted by Jesse. No, my husband doesn't have a multiple personality disorder - it was another Jesse; the manager of beautiful Tintoela. 

Tintoela's Kushu Cottage was where we'd be calling home for the next couple of days. A one bedroom cottage, doused in beautiful natural light and set on top of a hill in Norfolk's Cascade region with incredible views of the ocean. 

Jesse is from Vancouver Canada and married his sweetheart Rachel who he met in Canada. Rachel grew up on Norfolk Island with her four siblings and parents Hunky and Laurie. 

Hunky is a direct descendant of the Bounty Mutineers and built his dream home with his Canadian sweetheart on the island, choosing to call the property Tintoela (said tin-tow-la), which means sweetheart in the local language. Hunky designed and crafted the property, paying attention to every little detail. 

When Hunky and Laurie's eldest child turned 13, the family decided to leave the island and move to Victoria, BC, Canada. Instead of selling their home, they decided to open it up to visitors to the island and built two additional cottages; Kushu (which means I'm feeling good) and Hilli (which means to relax or chill out). 

Ocean views, fresh fruit grown on the property, a private patio and plenty of space to relax
The cottage is everything you want in a home away from home. It's located just five minutes from town and surrounded by incredible walking trails, beautiful beaches and you wake to the sound of Norfolk Island's incredible bird life each morning. 

Norfolk Island Accomodation Tintoela Kushu Cottage Review - Boutique Accomodation Allergy Safe Holiday
Fresh fruit grows through Tintoela's three acres of land - from pawpaws to nectarines
Tintoela is set on three acres of manicured hilltop and throughout the property you'll find fruit and vegetable trees showing off what's in season. 

From delicious island bananas to paw paw, island passionfruit and avocadoes - all it takes is a wander through the property to pick up some fresh fruit.

Tintoela Norfolk Island Kushu Cottage - Self Contained Accomodation on Norfolk Island
Kushu's full kitchen & bbq means you can enjoy a low key meal at "home"
The cottage has a fully equipped kitchen, making it perfect for everyone (especially those with allergies as it means you can cook safe food for yourself!). 

Tintoela Norfolk Island Kushu Cottage - Private Cottage Accomodation on Norfolk Island
The huge ensuite has a full bath and shower and leads to a walk in wardrobe
With a comfy bed, fridge, microwave, dishwasher, tea/coffee, every kitchen gadget imaginable, breakfast bar, comfy couches, free wifi, flat screen TV, walk in wardrobe, iPod dock, washer/dryer, iron/ironing board, a full bath and shower, a private verandah with barbecue and comfy deck chairs, music, movies, games, picnic basket, beach towels and even a fireplace - you'll find yourself with everything you need, right at your finger tips. 

The cottage is beautifully decorated with local artworks, seashells and fresh flowers, however, you'll find you can't look away from that incredible view! You can see the ocean views from just about anywhere you are in the cottage - from the front door to the bedroom to the lounge room - even when cooking at the stove or making a cup of tea!

Tintoela Norfolk Island Kushu Cottage - Private Cottage Accommodation on Norfolk Island
The private patio's deck chairs are the perfect place to sit and relax
We found ourselves spending most of our time out on the patio, sitting on the chairs and looking out to the ocean. Jesse told us that some guests in the past had even been lucky enough to spot whales in the distance. 

It really is a private paradise and we found ourselves making each time each day to just come back to the cottage and relax - whether it was reading a book on the patio, cozying up on the couches or exploring the property - every second spent at the cottage really will have you feeling kushu

Tintoela Norfolk Island Kushu Cottage - Private Cottage Accomodation on Norfolk Island Review
Kushu has everything you need; from a well stocked bookshelf & games to a cozy fireplace
The cottage really does have everything you need. So much so that you may find yourself tempted to not head out and explore! In one of the kitchen cupboards you'll find boardgames and books stashed away (and guests are encouraged to leave a book and take a book to keep things interesting) and the barbecue on the patio is the perfect low key dinner option when you don't feel like eating out. 

Gluten Free Travel Norfolk Island - Coeliac Travel Reviews Australia
Grilled Trumpeter and Salad from Joel's Cafe and The Blue Bull's Norfolk Blue Burger
Each day we were there we came back to the cottage for lunch, rather than eating out in a restaurant or cafe, so we could soak up the view. I had brought food with me (gluten free bread and bits and pieces) and we brought fresh fruit and veggies and different ingredients at the local supermarket so we could whip up some lunch in the kitchen. 

Tintoela Norfolk Island Kushu Cottage - Self Contained Accommodation on Norfolk Island
The most comfortable king sized bed awaits for the perfect night's sleep
The bed in the cottage is ridiculously comfy and we had the most restful night's sleep each night. The sun does rise really early in Norfolk (around 4-5am), however, you'll find yourself recharged and ready to explore each morning. If you're wanting to head out for breakfast, local cafes and restaurants are just a five minute drive (if that!) from the cottage. 

We really did fall in love with Tintoela. We're already talking about returning for another trip and have even convinced our family to come along with us so that we can stay at Tintoela's larger property; Hunky's Homestead, which accommodates up to 10 people with it's six bedrooms.

Tintoela Norfolk Island
+67 23 22946

Air New Zealand
Air New Zealand flies to Norfolk Island from Sydney and Brisbane; starting at around $270 per person one way from Sydney to Norfolk. You can find the latest flight specials here.

Norfolk Island Tourism

But tell me, what's one thing you look for when you're searching for a "home away from home" (be it a hotel room, apartment or cottage!) 
I always look for somewhere that's close to shops/restaurants etc and if it has a gym that's a bonus as this girl likes to MOVE! (though Norfolk Island became our gym as we walked and hiked daily!). Oh and a comfy bed beats all else :P 

Kristy and Jesse travelled and explored Norfolk Island as guests of Air New Zealand and Norfolk Island Tourism. To find out more about our travel posts & opportunities contact us here.

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