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Friday, November 13, 2015

Recent Things: Adventuring, Sweet Surprises and Puppy Loving

Well hey! It is Friday again! This week has flowwwwwwwwwwn by and unfortunately this Friday we are not jetting off to somewhere beautiful like we were last week - instead we're back to our normal routine. 

But that's okay because lots has been happening lately and I have heaps to catch you up on!

So let's have a look at what we've been up to recently! >>

Our first glimpses of Sydney on the flight home

Recent Adventures: Norfolk Island! This time last week we were en route to beautiful Norfolk Island for the weekend! We are in the process of putting up all of our posts, however, you can find them all here in one easy place!

Just wait until you see what else we got up to over our weekend there! 

Kristy and Jesse in Norfolk Island

Recent Happiness: Spending time with my awesome husband! I'm so lucky to be married to my best friend! Not only did we have so much fun together in Norfolk Island, we have fun every day (even if we're doing nothing at all!) and that is what I'm incredibly thankful for.

Acupuncture Treatments Sydney

Recent Health: This year we switched things up with acupuncture and I had needles in what Tamara said most people call the "most hated point". When I was a kid, Dad would always use that point as an acupressure point to relieve headaches (which works!) and it was always tender, however, sticking a needle there is a little more intense :P 

Whilst I usually can't feel any of the needles, I could definitely feel that one.

Trick or Treat Beauty and the Beast

Recent Cuteness: Jesse sent me this photo just after Halloween and it is so stinkin' cute! Now I just need to find where to get an awesome Belle dress like that for myself ;) 

Christmas Elf Puppies

Recent Fun: Dressing the puppers up in their Christmas outfits. Trixie isn't so keen on anything other than her bows, however, Chanel loves any kind of outfit as she prances around the house like "looook at meeeeeeeee! I'm even cuter than normal! Can you SEE my outfit?!" :P 

Baby Daniel

Recent Love: How cute is our nephew, Daniel?! Whilst we might not get to snuggle and play with him, we do get sent lots of cute photos! 

Sydney Wedding Photographer Recommendations Lucie Zeka

Recent Sneak Peeks: Here's another incredible shot from my shoot with Lucie Zeka. I cannot wait until we can share all of the photos with you as Lucie's work is simply incredible! Go and like her on Facebook here so you can see them as she posts them! (and just because she's incredible - she's also on Instagram as @luciezekaphotography)

Trixie at the Vet

Trixie demanding cuddlesRecent Laughs: Trixie has been making us laugh all week long. Whether it's her new habit of running up the stairs only to poke her head through the railing and say hello or her thinking she's some kind of huge doberman at the vet and growling at the other dogs (don't worry, she's all talk no action) or her ways of demanding attention and cuddles.

She's just turned one and she is still learning new things each and every day - and we're learning more and more of her crazy habits :P 
Freshly picked flowers

Recent Surprises: I was signing everyone in at Mainly Music on Wednesday when my two little friends Lily and Chloe surprised me with a bunch of flowers! It was a super cute surprise and totally brightened my day!

But tell me; 
What have you been up to this week?
And what's something that surprised you/made you smile this week? 


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