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Friday, March 25, 2016

Recent Things: Easter Celebrations, Ghosts and Guns

Why hello there!  This short week has me all sorts of muddled up as it feels like it's Sunday (as we're getting ready to leave for church!) but it's actually Friday! That said, I am SO not complaining as I can't wait for this four day weekend!

But before I tell you what we'll be up to, let me tell you what's been happening in our world recently! >> 

Veggie Patch Fail

Recent Sadness: Let's get the bad out of the way first. Our awesome corn crop? Totally annihilated by some unknown creature. We think it has to be either a possum or a rat, but whatever animal it may now be is extremely fat after chowing down on FOURTEEN pieces of corn. 

Fourteen pieces of corn in the unknown animals belly and none in ours. When it ate the final piece on the weekend Jesse tore out all the stalks and decided enough was enough. Now we're questioning whether it's a wise idea to plant new crops or try and figure out what was doing all the munching first! Oy vey!

Ghost the Musical Sydney Australia Review and Tickets

Recent Fun: Mum and I went to see Ghost the Musical on Saturday night for its opening night and it was fantastic! Whether you've seen the movie or not, it's definitely an incredible show! 

It's currently running in Sydney until May 14th (tickets available here) before moving to Perth from May 21st til June 12th (tickets available here).

Nannying Life

Recent Sweetness: I've looked after a whole bunch of sweet little ones this week and have loved every moment! Whilst I no longer nanny full time like I used to when I first left school, I do still babysit for different families as I LOVE kids and I am temporarily helping a family out one full day a week as well as running my business full time!

Hot Cross Bun Cookies

Recent Deliciousness: Our Healthy Hot Cross Bun Cookies Recipe! We've made two batches this week and I'm planning on making another one on Sunday as we have people coming over! 

Hitting Targets Clay Target Shooting Experience Review

Hitting Targets Clay Target Shooting Experience ReviewRecent Outings: On Sunday Mum, Dad, Jesse and I drove out to Cecil Park so Dad and Jesse could go shooting! I'd bought them a target shooting voucher for Christmas and they finally got around to using it! Both did pretty well, however, Jesse hit almost every single target!

I know who I'm keeping around if there's ever a zombie 
apocalypse ;) 
Healthy Egg Bake Recipe

Recent Lunch Favourites: Our Healthy Potato Crusted Egg Bake Recipe is always a favourite - but especially this week! The weather was awful earlier in the week as it was cold and rainy and I was craving warm and comforting lunches! These definitely fit the bill!

iHerb Discount Coupon Code and Product Recommendations

Recent Beauty Must-Haves: I ordered a heap of beauty products from iHerb a couple of weeks ago and I cannot stop using this Witch Hazel Toner (perfect for keeping your skin clean and clear) or this Creme Brulee Dry Body Oil (perfect for keeping my skin hydrated with this hot/cold/weird weather and it smells amaaaaaaaaazing!).

A huge selection of their Madre Labs Body Care Products are on sale at the moment and they're all so good! Plus, if you're in Australia you can get free postage once you spend over $50ish and it'll arrive at your doorstep in just a few days (otherwise postage is only usually around $5 and arrives just as quick!). 

Our rewards code for iHerb is OTO868 and will get you $5 off your first order! :)

Recent Dinners: The #SILDinnerChallenge is still going strong (be sure to join in if you haven't already and tag your own dinner creations!) and we've been eating some deeelicious meals. There's been a couple of repeats of our favourites as well as a couple of newbies!

On Friday Night it was cold and rainy and miserable so we decided to have Homemade Chicken and Dumpling Soup. Helllooo comfort food in a bowl! I definitely need to share the recipe for that as it's SO easy and seriously delicious!

On Saturday Night I had to have a super quick dinner before we headed out to see Ghost so homemade gnocchi it was! Served up with my favourite Nomato Sauce Recipe and a sprinkling of cheese. 

On Sunday Night we had a favourite recipe  that never ever gets old... Our Healthy Cheesy Baked Fish Recipe! The whole family loves this recipe and there's no wondering why!

On Monday Night I decided to make dinner in the oven so I could make dinner for Tuesday Night (as I wouldn't be getting home until late and I knew I'd be starving!) so I switched the tuna in our Healthy Cheesy Tuna Pasta Bake Recipe for shredded cooked chicken breast and called it dinner! It was SO good!

On Tuesday Night we had the dinner I'd made the night before; Cheesy Taco Quinoa Bakes! These are SO good and I really need to share the recipe with you.. seeing as I've eaten them two Tuesdays (Mexican Martes/Taco Tuesdays!) in a row!

Wednesday Night I was dining single lady style as Jesse was over at a friend's place. When Jesse is away, Kristy gets to play with food Jesse doesn't like so I made these baked rice paper rolls - filled with Chicken and Vegetables and served up with lots of veggies!

Last night we had what is probably our all time favourite dinner (and you're probably sick of seeing us eat it, haha!); Our Healthy Chicken and Ricotta Lasagna Recipe. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good!

Tonight we're having friends over for a Good Friday Seafood Feast! I don't know what I'll be having yet (as Mum and Dad are cooking and it isn't gluten free), however, it'll probably either be a cheesy tuna pasta bake or some kind of fish dish!

But tell me, how has your week been?
Are you celebrating Easter this weekend?
And what's the best thing you've eaten this week?


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