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Friday, July 1, 2016

Recent Things: Puppy Craziness, Market Days and a Whole Lotta Random

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Welll heyyyyy! It's Friday and I am SO ready for the weekend as this past week has been craaaaaaaaaazy busy. Even crazy busier  than usual as it was the end of financial year and my clients seem to either a) want everything done before the end of the year or b) want everything planned to do the second we tick over into the new financial year.

But I made it and I'm still alive - anddddddddddd I have plenty of good stuff to share with you. 
So here's what we've been up to recently! >>

Trixie the Leaf Pirate

Recent Trixieness: Trixie is always making us laugh but this week she's been extra silly. 

The leaves on our maple trees have fallen in the past week thanks to the cold weather and Trixie has been loving it. A few days ago she came in SMOTHERED in leaves (I couldn't get a picture though as she thought she was hilarious and was racing through the house) and a few nights ago she hopped up on our bed with a leaf eye patch and we couldn't stop laughing because she seemed to have no idea that there was a leaf over her eye.

Silly Dog Sleeping on her Back with Paws Up

During the day though, she prefers to sleep... just like this. If you go into our room at the moment, chances are you'll find Trixie just like this.

And yeah, we pretty much never make our bed. Aint nobody got time for that! (plus, Trixie just destroys the bed when it's made anyway)

Ramsgate Organic Foodies Market

Recent Adventures: On Saturday we headed to both the Ramsgate Organic Foodies Market (our usual) and The Rocks Markets to pick up fresh produce and to pick up a new knit poncho for me! It was FREEEEEEEEEEEEZING on Saturday but we had a fun morning and then returned home to change into warm clothes and snuggle up before I headed out for dinner with some girlfriends at a local restaurant!

Unicorn Poo

Recent Randomness: I was at Kmart earlier in the week looking for a notebook when I discovered UNICORN POO! Kmart you've just taken weird to a whole new level... but if you want some unicorn poop in your life, it's only $3.

Healthy Living Clean Eating Instagram

Recent Instagramming: I've been posting more on Instagram lately after not really using it for the last couple of years. Instead of just sharing what's on the blog, I'm sharing bits and pieces from our daily life - from the foods we're eating and recipe sneak peeks to random puppy pics and iHerb order arrivals! If you're not already following us, be sure to follow us @southerninlaw!

Healthy Living Clean Eating Pinterest

Recent Pinteresting: And in other social media news, I recently updated our Pinterest boards to make it super easy for you to find delicious recipes. Not only do we have a board with ALL of our Southern In Law recipes - there's also a board for every category to make it easy to find what you want! 

Dominos Pizza Box on Fire in Oven

Recent Laughs: Okay, this was laughter with a side of panic. We were helping our friends out with Ignite on Friday night as one of the leaders is currently away and whilst we were setting up tables for dinner I said to Jesse "er, do you smell that? Something smells like it's burning?" 

I smelt around the power points (okay I realise that's a weird thing to do but our church isn't exactly brand new and I thought powerpoints might short out :P) and Jesse said it was probably just someone turning on their wood fireplace and the smoke was traveling in the wind.

A few seconds later I said "it smells like it's getting closer" and then I hear one of the kids scream "FIREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!". We turned around to smoke billowing out of the oven as one of the pizza boxes (it was pizza night) had caught on fire. 

It was a bit of a drama for a while but once the pizza was out, we told the kids it was quite fitting that the pizza box Ignite-d at Ignite ;P 

Southern In Law Reader Creations

Recent Reader Creations: I love love love loveeeeeeeee hearing what people think of our recipes (and so does Jesse, he always wants updates on what people have made/loved and loves seeing the photos) and this week there's been plenty of SIL recipe making! 

The lovely Claire who really needs to move to Australia (Hi Eric, you have no choice - I'm sorry!) put together an awesome picnic dinner with my Healthy Baked Falafel Recipe

Jenn made my Healthy Coffee Protein Muffins Recipe and Jaymi made Jesse's all time favourite Healthy Honey Vanilla Granola Recipe!

Asian Supermarket Hurstville

Recently Overwhelmed: By the Asian grocery store! A hugeeeeeeeeee Asian grocery store just opened at Hurstville and Mum and I decided to pop in and have a look around whilst we were shopping on Monday and I was totally overwhelmed.

There were so many delicious sounding and looking things but girl had no idea what was Kristy friendly as I didn't know what was gluten free and what the allergy labelling laws were. I need to rope in someone who can read the labels to help me out, haha.

Secret Facebook Messenger Basketball Game

Recently Discovery: If you send a basketball emoji to someone on Facebook messenger you get a basketball minigame if you click the basketball! You've got to have the messenger app and it has to be updated but Jesse and I have been competing against one another all week. 

There's also a keep ups soccer version if you send a soccerball. 

Kristy's Random Ramblings - Because life is too short to take yourself so seriously

Recently Posts: Things got a little bit... okay, a lottle bit (that's a whole lot, not just a little lot or a regular lot, FYI!) random this week as I shared Kristy's Random Ramblings and next week I'm totally making it a link up so my blends can join in on the fun too! 

PSSSST; if you're reading this, you have a blog and you haven't commented here, I think you should join in too... and please say hello, it makes me feel less weird and awkward when I know I'm not talking to myself... I won't eat you either because I have a lot of allergies ;)

Vegan Cheesy Chickpea Bites Recipe with Nutritional Yeast - low fat, gluten free, vegan, grain free,  healthy, clean eating recipe  Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter and Banana Baked Oatmeal Recipe - clean eating recipe, breakfast, gluten free,  sugar free, healthy,  low fat

Also on the blog this week were two DEEEEEEEEELICIOUS recipes, if I do say so myself. Both were vegan too so that's a win if you're vegan... or egg/dairy free. 

My Grain Free Cheesy Chickpea Bites Recipe is kind of like a cheesy falafel and addictively delicious whilst my Healthy Chocolate Peanut Butter and Banana Baked Oatmeal Recipe is as delicious as it's title is long.... actually it's more delicious than that. 

I've been eating it for breakfast all week as I knew I'd be posting it and whenever I post recipes, I kind of have to have it available to eat or I get food envy from myself. I've been doubling the chocolate factor too by eating it with chocolate peanut butter ;) 

But tell me, how has your week been?
What's the last thing you really laughed at? 
And what's the best thing you've eaten this week? 


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