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Friday, January 13, 2017

Recent Things: Unexpected House Guests, Unicycles and Sketches

Hello, lovely ones! I'm kind of glad you can't see me right now because girl is a hot mess

Last week I was writing my Recent Things post with a very sick husband and this week I've been the sick one. After waking up at 5:30 with a coughing fit and crazy hair, I'm feeling less than stellar - but luckily I have more to share than snotty tissues in this week's recent things post. 

So let me catch you up on our week >> 

Recent Real Life: You know me, I don't like the whole sunshine and roses act of "look at me and my perfectly put together life" business, so let's talk real life. 

Both Jesse and I have been so sick in the last week that we actually googled "Where does snot come from?". 

We both knew the answer... but after going through a giant box of tissues each in two days, we just needed to confirm we weren't crazy. 

And Jesse doesn't really give me much hope for the next week as I got sick a week after him and he is still sick, snotty and feeling gross. Not cool, immune system.

Recent Laughs: Being overtaken by a guy on a unicycle when I was walking around the park. 

Let's be clear, this was way back on Monday, before I got really sick, because girl has been sitting on her butt ever since (people who work out when they have chest colds seemingly have death wishes, IMO) but I was SO CONFUSED at the time. 

Here I was, walking away... minding my own business and I heard "overtaking!" and my first thought was "since when do runners yell out overtaking?". 

Then I heard the wheels (well, what I thought were plural wheels) and thought "oh I guess he just lost his bell" only to have this wobbly unicycle guy ride past me. 

My next thoughts went a little like this; 
  1. Was he really on a UNICYCLE?!
  2. I must be getting sick... do I have a fever? Am I delusional? 
  3. Oh quick I better snap a photo because Jesse won't believe me... 
  4. There's another cyclist... play it cool.... play it cool... 
  5. There, photo taken... kind of... 
  6. Hold up a minute, did a guy on a UNICYCLE just overtake me? That's not cool.
  7. Hold up another minute, I struggle to ride my two wheeled geared bike around this park and THIS GUY is doing it on a unicycle? With no gears?! Up HILLS?!
  8. He must be crazy... he is crazy... I mean, he's riding a unicycle... was it cheaper or is he some crazy hipster who couldn't find a penny farthing and went for the next anything-but-mainstream option? 
Now you see how my brain works, friends....


Recent Amusement: Trixie's crazy antics.

From sitting around on her butt like a human, to finding her own our bed sprawled out like she's shooting for some weird, definitely not PG rated, underwear commercial to being scared of absolutely everything.

There's not a day that goes by that we're not laughing at Trixie 😜

Recent Unexpected House Guests: The other morning I couldn't sleep (from being so stuffy and having a sore throat) and I came out into the lounge room to read my bible and snuggle with the puppies but all of a sudden I heard a sound. 

Trixie already seemed scared of something but I put that down to it being early and her being scared of a shadow (not uncommon... girlfriend is scared of feathers... and everything else in the world). 

I shrugged it off but then I heard it again. 

A slap? 
A drip? 

At first I looked towards the wine rack because that's where I thought the noise was coming from and I thought that maybe one of the wine bottles was leaking. I watched, waiting and there it was again. 


Well, I thought it was a drip... but there was no wine spilling out that I could see... and not wet wine stains to prove that that's what it was. 

I shrugged it off again and then.. 


I stood up to look and that's when I saw it.... a FROG. In my house

So I did what any normal human would do. Opened the back door, ran to wake up Jesse and let him deal with it 😜

Was Jesse impressed that I woke him up at 5am to "walk" a frog out the back door (that's literally all he did... he walked and it kind of jumped as he walked like it was a circus frog... if circus frogs were a thing)... not really, but hey! 

If you remember a few weeks ago, we had a frog in our bathroom and this was the same frog... so now I have to work out how to fix the tiny little gap under our back door before it finds it's way back in. Eugh. 

Recently Watching: Terrace House on Netflix.

You guys need to watch this show. It's hilarious. 

Usually we don't watch "reality" style TV, however, I randomly chose this on Netflix the other night when we were "filling in time" (read, we finished one show and it was 8:30pm and I didn't want to start a new series when we were about to go to sleep) and we were instantly hooked. 

It's a Japanese reality show where there's 3 guys and 3 girls living in a house - but it's so much better than that because as well as seeing what the guys and girls get up to, they have a team of "judges" (for lack of a better word) who watch the show and comment about it and they are hilarious. 

The cultural differences are insane and it's so interesting to watch. What would be super offensive for us is normal to them - and what seems normal to us is completely foreign to them. 

The judge on the right with the glasses is especially funny... but I'm not going to tell you why because it might ruin things for you. GO WATCH!

Recently Playing: Disney Emoji Blitz. I don't usually play games, ever. 

I never have game apps on my phone (much to the disappoint of the children we babysit and spend time with) but the other night I couldn't sleep and Jesse was fast asleep so I couldn't read or watch TV (and let's be honest I was too lazy to leave the room) so I decided I'd download an app and well, I've been obsessed ever since. 



Recent Doodles: The other day we decided we'd paint a canvas we had laying around at home - but we had no idea what to paint on it. 

Jesse suggested we do a self portrait and I told him that was never going to work - but we could draw them on paper.

So I doodled and Jesse completely showed me up. 

I mean, seriously.... look at his drawing. It actually looks like him. 


Recently Posted: This week on the blog I talked about The Future of The Blog and shared two delicious vegan recipes! The first was this Vegan Apple Cinnamon Baked Oatmeal Recipe, followed by a delicious Vegan Spaghetti and Meatballs Recipe.

But tell me, how has your week been? 
What's the weirdest thing you've seen/heard this week? 
And what's your current favourite TV show?


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