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Friday, May 5, 2017

Recent Things: Planting Pineapples and Changing Leaves

Why hello there! It has gotten really colddddd in the mornings this week (disclaimer: I am a wimp when it comes to the cold) and thus I am currently writing this to you in the morning, wrapped in a blanket, cuddling a warm bowl of oatmeal. 

Luckily it's warmed up during the day so I haven't gone into full hibernation mode - so I actually have things to share with you!
So let me catch you up on what we've been up to recently >>

Recent Fails: Breaking two pairs of shoes.... in one day. 

Firstly whilst I was walking in the park I realised I could feel my toes getting progressively soggier - only to find there was a hole in the bottom of my sneakers (apparently I wear the outside bit of my toes out whilst walking because that's the second pair I've done it to) and then after a busy day of meetings in the city, I was walking home from the train station when I felt my shoe loosen and wham the entire base of my shoe came apart. 

So I awkwardly waddled the rest of the way home before inspecting the damage. 

Uh.... those shoes aren't made for walking, friends.


Recent Scenes: Chanel snuggled into her bed (next to my bed because she likes to be close but not on the bed) and Trixie snuggled into me whilst I work. Trixie sits up like a human baby to be held whilst I work and it's kind of ridiculous. She'll cry and cry and cry until I pick her up but when it's cold I totally don't mind using her as a fluffy hot water bottle 😝

Recently Playing With: Bubbles. I'd forgotten about a bubble stick from my DIY Carrot Bubble Wands Craft for Easter but Jesse found it on the weekend and decided to see what the dogs would think about the bubbles.

Um...... clearly they couldn't care less. Can you see Nelly in the background? She was far more interested in barking at the neighbours because how dare they even think about talking right next to her fence! 😜

Recently Texting: Photos of rainbow coloured chrysanthemums to rainbow loving friends. Actually, i'm not 100% sure what flower they are.

I've seen rainbow roses but never these!

Recently Remembering: That I planted a pineapple top a while back... 

I actually don't remember when I planted it... and I don't really even know if it's doing anything? 

I feel like you're supposed to sprout it in water first but I just put it straight in the garden.... 

It feels like it's solid and has grown roots... but I'm too afraid to dig it up to see just in case it is actually growing and that totally kills it. 

I don't know, friends... I have a black thumb so if any garden goddesses have any thoughts about this, let me know! The internet makes out like it grows huge big leaves in 0.000000004 seconds and clearly it's not doing that.

Recent Happiness: A long morning walk with my best friend! On Saturday morning Jesse woke up, went outside to check it wasn't too cold and decided we should go for a walk. 

I thinkkkk the walk was motivated by the baby kangaroo someone found in our area during the week - but I'll take what I can get.

We walked through the park and then crossed the bridge over the river to the mangroves and duck ponds but no kangaroos were to be found!

Recently Loving: Puppy snuggles. 

Both dogs have been extra snuggly this week because it's gotten cooler... and both had baths on the weekend so they smell loveeeeeeeeely!

Recent Discovery: TK Maxx. Ummmm, can I please just take home the entire homewares section? Homewares including kitchenware, that is! 

Recently Watching: The leaves change on the trees. 

Well, kind of. I'm not actually sitting there watching and waiting for them to change because that would take a longggggggggg time - but I have been noticing them changing little by little each day. 

Recently Catching: Trixie being naughty....

She will play in any sort of puddle and yesterday I got home from my meetings to find her on the spa lid drinking from a puddle... but clearly the water from the edge wasn't good enough because she then walked her way into the middle of the puddle to drink there instead.

Aye aye aye.... 

Recently Restocking: The granola jar with our Healthy Honey Vanilla Granola Recipe. It's still the most popular recipe of all time on the blog - and it's one of the most frequently made in our house too! Simple but delicious! I also made a new batch of my Nomato Sauce Recipe to freeze for future dinners and recipes! I can never be without it! 

Recently Eating: Steamy bowls of oatmeal with lots of delicious toppings and huge spoonfuls of peanut butter. Unfortunately this morning's bowl saw the end of my maple peanut butter... but luckily I have my own nut butter store pantry collection to choose from tomorrow.


Recent Posts: This week on the blog I shared a delicious Buckwheat, Beetroot and Feta Salad Recipe as well as 4 Budget Friendly Gift Basket Ideas Under $50.

And you'll notice I've only posted 3 times this week. I'm currently ummming and ahhhing about moving to 3 posts a week instead of 4 as I've been receiving lots of emails from readers who feel overwhelmed with posts on Wed/Thu/Fri and would prefer Wed/Fri... and I totally get it!

So I'd love to know... 3 or 4 posts a week... what do you prefer? 


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