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Friday, May 11, 2018

Recent Things: When The Queen Bee Met The Ex-Prisoner

Helloooo my loves! Happy Friday!

This week has flown by as I've been super busy with work - and Jesse has been working interstate - so I'm not sure how we got to Friday, but we're here and I am SO glad for Jesse to get home this evening!

But before we get to that, 
Let me catch you up on the week! >> 

Recently Loving: Our friends! We're so lucky to have so many incredible friends - including this bunch of crazies we spent Sunday night with!

Recently Wearing: This Chi Chi London dress - finally! I've only had it in my wardrobe for years! 

Not sponsored or anything - but if you're looking for a dress for a special occasion, GO LOOK AT THESE DRESSES. They're so well made and affordable too. I've got my eye on a few for a wedding later in the year. (Here's the ones I'm thinking of; one | two | three - I'm just waiting to find out what Jesse will be wearing so we don't clash!)

Recent Puppy Love: Snuggling with my puppies after a day of racing around the city at meetings. They were SO happy to see me and Trixie would not let me be any less than 1mm away from her as she snuggled into my shoulder.

Recently Reading: Not much this week as I've been stupid busy - but I've read The Mummy Bloggers (loved it!) and am halfway through Mother's Day which is pretty good too!

Recently Using: Starbucks as a lunch spot in the city. I was in the city for work and starving - but after the last few lunch outings to Hyde Park where I either saw rats running meters away from me or had creepy people (no kidding, one guy said he just got released from jail that morning and needed money for a train ticket to see a friend) sit next to me - I wanted to find somewhere less intimidating.

As I was about to head to the station and eat on the train or wait to get home, I saw Starbucks and had an epiphany. Buy a cheap crappy coffee and eat there instead. So I bought a coffee that I didn't drink (I hate Starbucks coffee) and ate in comfort haha.

I know not liking Starbucks is an unpopular opinion but I just can't with their coffee... or any American coffee, really. Whenever we're in the US we look for cafes run by Australians 🤣

Recently Enjoying: Beautiful fresh flowers. I hate buying fresh flowers because they die so quickly but lately lilies have been lasting over a week!!

Recently Purchasing: Lush's Queen Bee to tame my frizzy locks. I was WAY too early for a meeting yesterday so I had an hour to kill at the QVB and spent it shopping! Hour well spent. 


 Recently Posting: A birthday post for Chanel full of cute baby puppy photos and the most amazing 4 Ingredient Chocolate Peanut Butter Bliss Balls Recipe. We are OBSESSED.

But tell me, 
How has your week been?
What are you loving this week?
And what did you purchase last?

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