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Friday, July 13, 2018

Recent Things: When Sleeping Beauty Met Squirtle...

Helloooo lovely ones! I am so out of routine today that I almost forgot to write this post - but nevertheless I am here and I have lots to catch you up on!

This week has been super busy but there has been relaxing downtime and plenty of fun to be had too. It's been a week of work triumphs but also lots of intense work so I am ready to relax and enjoy the weekend.

But first, I've got to catch you up on the week!
Here's what's been happening in our world this week! >> 

Recently Thankful For: Impeccable timing! Yesterday afternoon we were out for a walk in the park when we heard thunder and decided to head home...

The weather was changing really quickly and had that “calm before the storm” feeling where you know that, at any moment, the heavens are about to open up and you are going to get soaked.

So we kicked our butts into gear, still stopping to notice how beautiful it was with the sunlight catching the tree tops and just as we got in our front door, it started to POUR with rain.

Seriously perfect timing. One second longer and we would have been running for the door, haha.

Recent Purchases: A clam light. Because why the heck not!

It was on sale at Typo for $10 (down from $59.99) and this mermaid couldn’t resist!

I also got the “MORE” letters because Kmart finally had M’s and O’s in stock! I want to put books at the bottom but I don’t think I can squeeze 5 letters in. Womp womp.

Recent Puppy Love: The puppies have been extra snuggly lately - especially Miss Chanel who needs to be constantly snuggled into a pillow or blanket. There is no snoozing on the floor for this princess in winter.

Recently Enjoying: Sunset walks in the park. Playing Pokémon Go has its perks because Jesse is happy to walk for hours whenever asked, haha!

Recently Confused: By this Wierdo tote. Is that an intentional typo? You spell Weirdo that way, not wierdo with an ie....

Mind you, as Jesse said.. Cotton On do own Typo....

Recent Weekending: On Sunday was a Pokémon Go community day where you could get Squirtle with sunglasses for just three hours - so of course Jesse decided we NEEDED to go on a Pokémon adventure. We rounded up our friend and headed to a local park with lots of Pokestops - and then caught all the Pokémon.

Jesse was insanely jealous that I ended up with four shiny squirtles with sunglasses and I quickly learnt that the sparkly Pokémon are the rarest... and now I’m on a mission to have only shiny glittery Pokémon.

Recently Reading: Mercy Point (SO good - AU link here) and The Tall Man (AU link here). 

I loved Mercy Point and The Tall Man I like, but I don’t love. It’s one of those books that goes back and forth on the timeline and some chapters are great but some chapters just feel like fillers. 

Recently Loving: The warm winter sunshine during the day! Winter isn’t so bad after all!

Recent Plans: Tonight we’re going out with friends to see Sleeping Beauty: A Knight Avenger's Tale! It’s opening night so I’ll have to tell you what it’s like next week!

But tell me,
How has your week been? 
What are your weekend plans?
And what's something you're thankful for this week? 
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