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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Recipe: Raw Double Chocolate Energy Balls (Paleo & Vegan!)

Healthy Double Chocolate Raw Bites Recipe - Healthy, Raw, Vegan, Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Egg Free, Dairy Free Bliss Balls, Paleo, Grain Free, Peanut Free

Life has been a little bit crazy lately. I constantly have 10 million things to do and my to do list keeps getting longer and longer. 

If I didn't have a holiday planned in 50 days, I'd probably need to check myself into the funny farm because I don't know how much longer my brain can cope. 

But when life gets crazy like this, I've learnt that you always need to give yourself a little grace - and often times that means scrapping things from your to do list that you'd normally do. For me, that's scrapping elaborate recipes and sticking to the quick and easy one. 

Why? Because I just don't have the time to spend hours in the kitchen or watching something bake away in the oven. 

Enter these Raw Double Chocolate Bites. They're super quick to make and the perfect snack for those extra busy days. I've been making them at night (usually multitasking whilst pasta/rice/baked veggies are cooking away) and keeping them in a container in the fridge to grab on my way out to meetings or when I need something sweet (because let's be real, my busy brain is like caffeine, chocolate... NOW). 

It's one of those recipe that you'll make again and again and never get tired of. Why? Because... well... does anyone ever get tired of chocolate? 

So let me share the recipe with you >> 

Healthy Double Chocolate Energy Bites Recipe - Healthy, Raw, Vegan, Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Egg Free, Dairy Free Bliss Balls, Paleo, Grain Free, Peanut Free

Raw Double Chocolate Energy Balls Recipe
makes ~18 balls that are gluten free, grain free, vegan, 
paleo, peanut free, refined sugar free and clean eating friendly 

1 cup (170g) pitted dates
1 cup (150g) raw unsalted cashews
1/4 cup (25g) unsweetened cocoa powder 
Pinch of salt 
1/2 cup chocolate chips (optional but recommended!) 
  • Add your dates, cashews, cocoa powder and salt to a food processor and process until combined. It will take a few minutes but you'll notice your dates break up and everything clump together.
  • Once all of your ingredients are chopped and no big chunks remain, add your chocolate chips and pulse to slightly chop them and disperse them through the mix. 
  • Roll your mixture into balls (using about 1 tbsp of mix at a time) and enjoy immediately or place in an airtight container to chill in the fridge (we like them in the fridge so they're nice and firm). 
  • These energy balls will keep for 2-3 weeks in the fridge in an airtight container or can be frozen to defrost and eat later.
But tell me,
How's life for you right now? Hectic? Boring? The usual? Exciting? 
And what's your go to snack right now? 

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