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Friday, March 15, 2019

Recent Things: Knives and Awkward Naps

Heeeellooooo! Happy FriYAY!

This week has been full of meetings and content writing and busyness and Jesse has been working interstate all week, so I am SO glad Friday is here and Jesse will be home tonight! 

But amongst the craziness of this week, there's also been a lot of good. 
So let me catch you up on our week! >> 

Recently Apologising: To a bunch of friends and family who automatically assumed I was pregnant when I posted last week's Recent Things post and didn't actually read the post (Now I know that you guys don't actually care about what I have to say... tut tutt 😜).

But my sweet baby pineapple is doing very well and growing nicely. 

Also, I had a lot of friends who did read the post tell me that they failed growing their own pineapples... so apparently it's not as easy as I thought.

If you want to grow your own, here's my tips: 
1) Take the crown off your pineapple by twisting it off (don't slice the top off - you don't want any pineapple flesh).
2) Literally stick it in a pot with some soil. Just press it into the top of the soil, water and leave it alone. 
3) Neglect it, thinking that it can't possibly grow if you just stick it in some dirt. 
4) Jump up and down in shock and call all of your families over to witness it when you notice it's actually growing.
5) Continue with your neglect routine, watering it once in a blue moon when you realise things probably need water to grow.
6) When the plant seems like it's growing out of control, move it to a bigger pot. 
7) Resume neglecting. 
8) Jump up and down like a crazy person when you see a pineapple flower 1.5-2 years later
9) Resume neglect and hope/pray/develop your own pineapple voodoo dance in the hopes that a pineapple may indeed grow 6 months later.

You're welcome, peeps. My gardening tv series will be coming soon to a television near you. 

Recently Realising: Jesse and I really cannot "sport", but we really can have fun trying. 

On Saturday we were board and I found my old tennis racquets in the garden shed. I'd been playing "tennis" with Trixie for the last few weeks (just hitting Trixie's tennis balls in the backyard for her to catch and bring back to me) and decided to convince Jesse to walk to the park with me to "play tennis". 

Let's just say, you won't see us in the Australian Open anytime soon... but you may see us at the Comedy Club...

Recently Laughing At: This photo my Dad sent me of Jesse taking a nap in the work van 😜💤

Recent Packages: Yesterday these gorgeous Schaffen knives arrived and I was SO excited... 

I promise i'm not a serial killer, I just need good knives for cooking (I seriously get so crabby when I have to use crappy knives). 

This Schaffen Magnetic Knife Block set already has pride of place in our kitchen - but I'll soon be giving away a few sets to a few lucky SIL readers! Stay tuned!! 

Recent Puppy Love: Sweet Nelly finally discovered the little dog house we have for the puppers is actually quite cosy. I noticed her sniffing it out and putting one foot in on the weekend and quietly watched her, and after sussing it out for a while she finally crawled in and stayed there snuggled up for a while... and then Trixie came and pushed her out... 

Recent Trying: Not to buy the whole kitchen wholesale store. SO MUCH GOOD STUFF. 

But does your girl really need 600 teacups? Probs not.. 

Recent Wondering: What would possess someone to put a spa bath... in their LOUNGEROOM. 

This is what happens when you're looking to buy a home.. you find the weirdest things. I've seen homes where the owners seem to have an obsession with witches (I mean, every room was full of witch dolls/posters/artworks etc), so many houses that gross me out with their ensuites that aren't actually closed (those weird modern styles where you have a half glass wall next to the toilet and the rest is open - but uh, hello germs and grossness?) and so many other random things.

I mean, sorry friends... I don't think we'll be buying this house so I guess we can't throw spa parties whilst watching movies and looking out onto the street through the giant windows that are right next to the spa. 

Recent Realising: Some people use filters to look cute. I use filters to send hilarious ugly photos to my husband while he's away from home. 

How's that for #romance? 😉

Recently Reading: Beautiful Bad by Annie Ward and LOVING it. So intense and so good!

Also I finally got my copy of Ordinary by Tony Merida and can't wait to read it with Jesse. I am someone who truly believes as Christians, we should be loving others in small ways all the time (as well as radical ways - but this isn't the book for that) and this book totally focuses on that. If you're a Christian who wants your life to be your ministry (which we all should!), I would highly recommend it!

Recently Posting: This Cheesy Garlic and Herb Cornbread Strata Recipe! So so good! I actually had a piece for breakfast this morning (reheated from frozen!)

But tell me, 
How has your week been?
What's the WEIRDEST thing you've seen in a house? 
And what's the last package you received? 

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