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Friday, April 12, 2019

Recent Things: A Whole Lot of Puppies + Netflix Recs

Heeeelllooo! Happy FriYAY! 

This week has been so busy as I try to get everything done before Easter next week - but it's also been a good one. Our weekend was super busy as we celebrated Jesse's birthday and we have another busy weekend planned this weekend!

But before I get to the weekend, 
Here's what we've been up to this week! >> 

Recently Eating: Leftovers from Jesse's birthday barbecue! There wasn't actually much leftover at all - buttttt, I took only one photo the whole night and none of those photos were of the food I'd spent all Saturday making. 

We had steak, Southern style bbq chicken wings, sausages, cornbread, coleslaw (which everyone was raving about - so maybe I do need to share my secret recipe), fiesta salad (though I swapped the sweet potato for cherry tomatoes), regular salad and roasted potatoes. So yum!

Oh and the one photo I did take? It was of the cake! I made the third version of my Strawberry Shortcake Cake Recipe because Jesse is still obsessed! This time I decorated it differently, yet again, because Jesse decided it needed to be completely covered in frosting.

Recently Feeling: COLLLDDDD! The temperature dropped yesterday and we were feeling it! Little Trixie spent the whole day wrapped in a blanket laying on my chair. Ohhh to be a dog!

Recently Wishing: Trixie still looked like this!!! My sister found this photo on her phone yesterday and OHMIGOSH. SAAAAHHH CUTE. This was when her black/dark brown fur was already fading - but she still looks so different!

Recent Deliveries: Seee... she looks so different than when she was a puppy. 

But this week our friends at Hachette spoilt Trixie and Chanel with some new toys!

and they spoilt me with a new book! I can't wait to read The Friend!

Recently Watching: Split on Netflix. SO creepy, but so good! Definitely one worth watching!

We also finished the latest season of Terrace House this weekend and now need a new show to watch! If you've got any Netflix recs for us, let me know! I know the comments on the blog have been playing up lately, so let me know on Facebook or Instagram!

Recently Harassing: Trixie. ALWAYS. It's a wonder that dog still loves us 😝

Recently Reading: (AND LOVING!) Three Gold Coins by Josephine Moon. SO lovely! I also loved A Dream of Italy sooo perhaps I need an Italian getaway! Both books had me dreaming of one! 😍

 Paleo Vegan Caramel Slice Recipe

Recently Posting: This deeelicious Paleo and Vegan Healthy Caramel Slice Recipe. SO GOOD!

But tell me, 
What do we need to add to our Netflix watch list?

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