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Friday, July 12, 2019

Recent Things: Psychopaths and Pineapple Farms

Helloooo! Happy Friday! 

I'm starting to right this post sitting by the heater, eating my breakfast (on the floor of Jesse's office because that's as close as I can get to the heater) after taking over an hour to actually get out of bed because it's winter and getting out of bed is a struggle right now 😜

Luckily this week has been so much better than last week (though.. there was two moments with a psychopath I rather wouldn't have experienced... more on that later) and so I've got lots of good to catch you up on!
Here's what's been happening in our world this week! >> 

Recently Struggling: To get out of bed in the morning. FOR REAL. Not because I'm tired, but because I'm lazy and it's cold and my weighted blanket is suffocating lulling me back to sleep.

The update on the weighted blanket is, I am obsessed. I haven't slept without it since I got it and I sleep so much better. I dream every single night whereas before I used it, I would hardly ever dream because I was sleeping so poorly. The only issue is that I think it might be slightly too heavy for me, because if I put it over my shoulders, I'll wake up with a sore shoulder like I've overstretched/overused it. 

Recently Watching: A whole lot of Tom Holland. 

We were at church on Sunday afternoon for a church barbecue and decided to go and see Spiderman Far From Home that night - but then Jesse and I realised we still hadn't seen Spiderman Homecoming... soooo, we went home and watched Homecoming before leaving for the movies.

I thought Homecoming was way better than Far From Home, but it was still pretty good!

Recently Admiring: My baby pineapple! Check out how big it is! 

Also, someone asked me if I have really tiny hands, but I actually have pretty normal/large sized hands.. just skinny fingers. I'm long all over so my hands are too 😜

I also had to do some research because I was wondering if I'd get another pineapple from the same plant. 

The answer is.... not quite. 

Another pineapple won't sprout up in the same place this one is growing - but a ratoon should grow alongside it (which will look just like a pineapple crown) that I can grow just like I grew the original crown. I can also plant the crown of the baby pineapple once it's fully formed too! 

I've got a second pineapple plant growing at the moment which is probably 8 months old now, so I won't have to wait too long for another pineapple baby!

But really... if you want to grow a lot of pineapples, you'd need a pineapple farm... otherwise you're only going to get one pineapple every 18 months-2 years... whomp whomp.

Recently Annoyed By: A rude woman in the park who decided to approach me to tell me I needed to see her friend who was a dietitian because I was too thin and she "knew" I needed to because she was psychic and a whole lot of other rubbish. 

I was so mad the first time and thought she was so rude - but later this week I actually worked out she's a whole lot more psycho than psychic. 

You see, instead of apologising when I saw her the second time, she told me I was overreacting because of the eclipse (or some such woo-woo) and I'd be emotional until a specific date because mercury was in retrogade... 

You know, nothing to do with her rudeness.. it's all the solar system's (and apparently my) fault.

I could not even. 

Some people are terrible at humaning. 

If you want to hear all about it, I've put it in my Instagram story highlights temporarily. I think I was more annoyed when I heard back from so many of you guys who messaged me to say you'd experienced similar things. People can be so rude and ugly. 

Recently Reading: THE BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR! Seriously, if you read nothing else this year, read Petronella McGovern's Six Minutes. If you love Liane Moriarty's books, you'll especially love this one!

I also read and loved All That Impossible Space and kind of hated Nailed It!

Easy Gluten Free Caramel Slice Recipe

Recently Loving: My Easy Gluten Free Caramel Slice Recipe. SOOOO good! 

But tell me, 
How has your week been? 
What's one thing that frustrated or annoyed you this week? 
And what's one highlight of your week? 
Alsoooo, comments haven't been working for some people, so let's chat on Facebook or Instagram if you can't comment below!

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