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Friday, August 2, 2019

Recent Things: Crafting Cults and Garden Goodness

Heeeeyy! Happy FriYAY! I am celebrating this week because it's finally the last month of winter 😜

With no overseas vacation to look forward to this year, I'm counting down the days til Spring arrives and am so glad August is finally here. We're always scarily 10 days away from my birthday... but that's okay too because it means cake. ALLL the cake. 

But before I can skip ahead to September, I've got to catch you up on our week!
Here's what's been happening in our world this week! >> 

Crafting with the Cricut Maker

Recently Making: ALLLL THE THINGS with the Cricut Maker.

We're pretty much buying anything blank and covering it with vinyl stickers or iron on designs 😜This weekend's task is 6 custom hats for friends of ours... and maybe a tote bag or two. 

Dungeons and Dragons Shirt Cricut Maker

Last Friday Jesse went to play Dungeons and Dragons with friends (yes, my husband is a super nerd... but at least he's actually socialising, haha) and so I decided to make him a custom shirt.

It turned out seriously awesome. I used the Cricut Holographic vinyl which changes colour in different light and it worked perfectly on the navy blue tshirt. 

Custom Doormat

Then we made a custom doormat on Saturday which had a few hiccups - but I'm going to be sharing the full tutorial (and what not to do) on Monday in another video (I know, who am I? But it may be the last ever video because I am NOT a Youtuber). 

Cricut Adhesive Foil Coffee Cup

And I made my Mum a travel mug to take to work with the Cricut Adhesive Foil in Stainless Gold which turned out really well. 

I also made my Dad a Doctor Who water bottle and travel mug for his birthday... oh and a cut out card!

I feel like I've joined a crafting cult, pals... but it's so much fun!

Growing Pineapples in a Pot

Recently Growing: ALLL the fruit. In pots... which looks kind of weird, but we don't have room in the garden and I never actually thought they'd grow 😜

My pineapple baby is getting bigger and bigger and shouldn't be too far off eating.

Can You Grow a Pineapple in a Pot

My second pineapple plant is getting pretty big..

Can You Grow a Plum Tree in a Pot

And our little plum seedlings (grown from the pit of plums we ate last summer) are growing really fast. I'm going to have to move them into bigger pots or find a space in the garden soon as the current pot was just a temporary let's-see-if-they-grow pot. 

Barbecues with Friends

Recently Enjoying: Barbecues with friends! We had dinner with friends on Sunday night and have had a week of fun with friends that's continuing this weekend. We're lucky to have awesome friends - and an awesome church family. 

The Lion King 2019

Recently Watching: The Lion King! We finally went to see it on Tuesday and I was pretty impressed! I was a little worried because I'd heard mixed reviews, but the animation was awesome and I really enjoyed it. 

My only complaint was that Timon and Pumba could have been cast better as they have so many great songs that were just *cringe*.

How Death Becomes Life Book review

Recently Reading: Not as much as I usually do because I've been too busy crafting and hanging out with friends! 

I'm just on the last two chapters of How Death Becomes Life though and it is incredible. If you like medical-y stuff, DEFINITELY read it. SO interesting.

Recently Posting: This deeelicious Nut Free Apricot and Coconut Bliss Balls Recipe. SO yum!

But tell me, 
How has your week been? 
What's growing in your garden at the moment? 

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