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Friday, October 18, 2019

Recent Things: Electronic Fails and Pineapple Babies

Helllooo! Happy Friday!

This week has been, well... a bit of a disaster... but also a good week. Technology is massively failing me, but things are otherwise great.

But I'll tell you all about that... 
Here's what's been happening in our world this week! >> 

Home Grown Pineapple

Recent Success: Thaattt, my friends, is our home grown pineapple!!! Isn't it gorgeous?! 

We've been anxiously watching it for the last few weeks and on Friday it suddenly got a golden glow, so we waited until Saturday when it smelt sweet and pineapple-y to finally pick it!

Home Grown Pineapple

I'll admit that I wasn't too confident that it would be amazing.

I mean, we grew it in our backyard, in cheap potting mix, in a pot, with minimal sun for the last few months and all I did was plant the top of a pineapple from the supermarket.

The odds were not in my favour, but OHHHH was I wrong. 

It was seriously THE BEST pineapple I've ever eaten. It was super sweet and juicy and was quickly devoured. We actually had to ration our pineapple portions because we didn't want to eat it in under an hour after it has taken TWO YEARS to grow.

Growing a Pineapple Plant in a Pot from the Pineapple Crown Top

But it was completely gone in two days and we planted the top of our pineapple baby to hopefully grow another plant!

Growing a Pineapple Plant in a Pot

We've got a second plant growing which is about 6 months old (and don't worry, it isn't actually as dead as it looks.. it hasn't loved the weird weather we've been having).

Baby Plum Trees

And we have four baby plum tree seedlings that need to be repotted into separate pots because they're growing like crazy. 

I don't actually know if the plum trees will ever produce any fruit though, because I read that plum varieties have to either be surrounded by other trees of the same variety, or plum trees of different varieties... and I can't find exact info on the plum trees we are growing because they're a hybrid trademarked fruit....

They were croc egg plums so I guess we'll have to wait and see!

Jesse Trying to Fix My Computer

Recent Fail: As I mentioned earlier, I've had a TERRIBLE week with technology. 

First my Fitbit randomly died (my iPhone updated and it seemed to do something to the watch as it suddenly went from 46% battery to 0% in one minute and would not turn back on). It was only a couple of weeks out of warranty so Fitbit basically told me sorry not sorry - even though they agreed it was a fault with the product and nothing I've done. 

Sooo, now I'm debating whether to buy another Fitbit - or go with a different brand, because Fitbit's customer service is kind of rubbish... but we shall see.

And THEN, the next day, my computer completely died. Cue husband trying to fix it. 

Luckily most of my files are backed up and I can work from my laptop, but it's still a pain in the behind. 

You realise just how much you rely on technology when it fails.

And don't ask me how many times I've turned my wrist over to see the time on my Fitbit... or how many phone calls I've missed because I've left my phone on my desk/somewhere in the house because I'm used to my Fitbit telling me when I have calls/texts/appointments 😜

Jesse Weeding Cricut Projects

Recently Working On: The last of our Cricut tees! We have now made 24 shirts + 4 jumpers for our trip and we've had so much fun making them. 

We're thinking we'll keep them a secret until our trip, though I've been sharing a bunch of sneak peeks over on Instagram because they're too cute not to share!

Glow in the Dark Fantasmic Shirt

Here's a glow in the dark (YESSS!) Fantasmic Shirt we finished last night. I kind of want to make glow in the dark everything now because it's so fun! Here's what iron on/HTV we used for it.

Trixie inside the dog house

Recently Puppy Loving: The pups have been very happy this week because they've been on a few walks in the evening. We can't go too far because they only have little legs, but they still have so much fun!

6th Wedding Anniversary

Recently Celebrating: Our 6th wedding anniversary! It's crazy to think it's been six years since our wedding. So much has changed since then, but lots has also stayed the same, so it feels like this weird mix of feeling like yesterday and feeling like SO long ago. 

6 Healthy Halloween Snack Ideas - Healthy Rice Cake Toppings

Recently Posting: Six Healthy Halloween Snack Ideas with Real Foods' Corn Thins - such a fun post. I LOVED coming up with these ideas and I've loved that you guys loved them so much too! I've been getting so many cute photos this week and I hope they keep on coming because they've put a huge smile on my face! 

Posts like this take a wholeeee lot longer than you'd think, so it's nice to have them appreciated 💓 

Easy Tomato Basil Rice Recipe Side Dish

And I also posted this deelicious Easy Tomato and Basil Rice Recipe! I've been eating it for lunch this week (I froze a few portions when I photographed it for the blog) and it's SO good! Forever a fave!

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