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Friday, December 6, 2019

Recent Things: Gingerbread, Christmas Stories and Smoke

Hellooo! Happy Friday!! 

This week has seriously flown by. I've been stuck inside all week because it's super dooper smoky in Sydney right now - but somehow despite that, the week has gone by so fast and somehow it's Friday already!

But before it's next week already, let me catch you up on the week that was! 
Here's what's been happening this week! >> 

Sydney Smoke Haze

Recently Feeling Like: I've been living in a sepia filter. That photo is not filtered in any way - and in fact, when I took it it was actually more orange than the photo shows.

It has been horribly smoky. 

After pretty much blacking out on the weekend after going on a walk when it wasn't even smoky (and I don't have any kind of asthma... but apparently my body was not happy with me walking out in the smoke... so freaky), I've been staying out of the smoke and inside the house all week long. 

Hopefully this weekend the fires can settle down and I am REALLY hoping we get some rain sometime soon. Our poor country has been ravished by fires 😔 

Gingerbread House Design

Recently Making: Our Gingerbread House - at our annual Gingerbread House Afternoon! My Mum couldn't make it this year, but my friend Katie joined me - and Jesse ended up joining us too!

It's always been a women only event and Jesse has always wanted to come - but this year someone brought their Dad along so I texted Jesse and told him to come and take Mum's spot and he was there in seconds  😛

Gingerbread House Design

We made a pretty good team - but oh my word we had to use a lot of icing 😛 It was HOTTT on Sunday and things kept melting and sliding - but we made it work! 

I decided on doing a chocolate tiled roof... but I didn't realise the chocolate buttons I bought weren't even flat.. so they had to be plastered in with lots of icing 😛 

Tis the Season to Eat Cookies Minnie Gingerbread TShirt Design

Recently Creating: Another t-shirt, of course! I made Mum and I matching gingerbread cookie t-shirts - but in the end it was just me wearing it! They turned out SUPER cute!

Lolly Bar at Gingerbread House Afternoon

Recently Covered: In SUGAR! SO many lollies are needed for our Gingerbread Afternoon this year. This year we had kids (12+) for the first time and I realised that we're definitely going to need A LOT more if doing a family event next year 😛 

Last Christmas Book Review

Recently Reading: Last Christmas! I was kind of hoping this book would be a little lovelier than it was - but it was really interesting reading so many different perspectives on Christmas as well as different Christmas stories from people all around the world. 

If you're looking for a book full of happy stories, this isn't it - but I still enjoyed it. There were happy stories, sad stories, eye opening stories and so many interesting perspectives. 

One Day at Disney TV Series

Recently Watching: EVERYTHING on Disney Plus! This week we've watched One Day at Disney (SO good - there's also a book which I've just ordered!), Tangled, Pinocchio, Dr K's Exotic Animal E.R, The Imagineering Story, Home Alone 3, Twas the Night and of course The Mandalorian! 

Gluten Free Christmas Crack Snack Mix

Recently Eating (and Posting!): This Gluten Free Christmas Crack Snack Mix Recipe. Oh. My. Word. SOOOOOO good.

You really need to try it!


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