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Friday, January 17, 2020

Recent Things: The BEST Amazon Find For Dogs, Army Battles and More

Helllooooo! Happy Friday!

This week has been so busy that it's actually felt really long.. but really fast at the same time. Jesse started back at work, I was busy with work myself and we've managed to pack in a bunch of fun things as well.

So let me catch you up on our week! >> 

Kids army battle set up with dinosaurs, transformer bumblebee and lego

Recently Playing: Army battles with one of my favourite little dudes. I babysat our three favourite boys this week and I can never babysit without playing an army battle (or twelve) with little dude so that's exactly what we did - complete with dinosaurs, fire trucks, Bumblebee, Lego Mandalorians and Chase from Paw Patrol 😛 

Chocolate Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting topped with Strawberries on a White Platter

Recently Making: Cupcakes! To celebrate Jesse's first day of work. They're not the prettiest cupcakes in the world - but they are seriously the most delicious chocolate cupcakes ever and I've photographed them to share with you soon - so stay tuned!!

He started work on Monday and I baked my nervous energy away 😆I also realised that when we have kids I am screwed. I get so nervous about him doing things that I will totally be the Mum sitting outside my kid's job observing them and making sure they're okay haha.

Recently Buying: Doggy toothbrushes - that WORK! Our dogs won't let them brush their teeth and I've forked out WAAAAYYYY too much money for the vets to clean their teeth under anaesthetic - but we found these dog toothbrush toys and ordered them and our girls actually LOVE them! 

Basically they just chew on them and the toothbrush toy "brushes" the plaque and yuck off their teeth. 

I didn't actually think they'd like them - especially Chanel who doesn't like toys like that - but I put the tiniest bit of peanut butter inside the centre where they couldn't reach it, and after about half an hour both of them realised they couldn't lick it out and started biting and chewing them instead.

They are super cheap, available on Amazon here and you can put doggy toothpaste in them to amp up the brushing power. This is NOT sponsored and we paid for them ourselves, just sharing because I'm sure there are other pet owners out there who this could help! Dental hygiene for dogs is SO important if you want your puppers to live long, healthy, happy lives.

Healthy Rice Cake Topping Ideas - Rice Cake with Cream Cheese Honey Coconut Mango Slices and Blueberries on Wooden Chopping Board

Recently Eating: ALLLL the summer fruit. At this point, I may end up looking like a fruit salad, but I can't get enough. Apricots, mangoes, blueberries, strawberries, cherries, plums - CAN NOT GET ENOUGH.

Recently Reading: A bunch of books. I totally did not like The Ten Thousand Doors of January (apparently that's an unpopular opinion as most of the reviews are five star ones!) or Bloodtree River, but I really enjoyed The Thief of Light and re-read Small Spaces along with some friends and it's still just as good! 

I'm currently reading Elevator Pitch and may never ride in another elevator again 🤣 

Frozen 2 Movie Review

Recently Watching: Frozen 2 - and lovinggggg it! SO much better than the first movie. 

But can we talk about how iconic Kristoff's solo is? And the fact that Weezer did their own video clip version with Kristen Bell? SO good haha.

Recently Posting: This Baked Fried Rice Slice Recipe. It's one of our favourite lunch options at the moment and it's seriously delicious and seriously easy to make. Put it on your to-do list for this weekend! 

It also makes a great dinner option for those nights where you're super busy and just don't have time to cook. Make it in advance and reheat when you're ready to eat. BOOM!


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  1. Ok, I'm super intrigued by those doggy toothbrushes! I just added them to Eric's Amazon wishlist, haha. We try to brush Nelly's teeth about once a week but she just tries to eat the brush and her toothpaste smells nastyyy (chicken-flavored). That might be the solution!

    Super psyched for your cupcake recipe :D I think they're quite pretty! I just smear frosting onto my cupcakes with a knife usually so yours are wayyy nicer than that, haha!

    PS sorry if this comment comes out looking odd--commenting via Bloglovin' and Disqus doesn't show up on here!

    1. No, you’re good! I dumped Disqus! 😜

      The toothbrush toys are seriously SO much easier! And you can get PB and mint flavoured toothpaste so you should totally get those too 😂 Chicken sounds grosssss!


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