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Friday, March 6, 2020

Recent Things: Onesies, Morgues and Madness

Hello there, friend! Happy Friday!

My week has been positively exhausting so I am counting down the hours until the weekend is here. My weekend was pretty much a write-off, I had a strange out-of-nowhere fever that meant I couldn't go to church (because I had no idea if I was actually sick with anything - don't worry, I don't have corona virus 😛) and then my week has been non-stop. The weekend could not come fast enough. 

This weekend we're babysitting our favourite little dudes and busily planning bits and pieces for Jesse's birthday! 

But before I can get to that, I've got to catch you up on our week! 
Here's what's been happening in our world this week! >> 

Snuggly puppy on the lounge

Recently Snuggling: My pups. As much as possible. The weather the last few days has been just plain yuck. Rainy, overcast and gross - perfect puppy snuggling weather. 

Yesterday I arrived home soaking wet from a day of meetings in the city so I was so glad when I could snuggle up with my puppers that night!

How to grow a pineapple plant at home in Sydney

Recently Realising: I have a pineapple growing problem. That's 5 pineapples and counting. 

How to grow a pineapple plant at home

Check out the biggest one! This is what my baby pineapple grew from last year and the plant on top started as a teeny tiny sucker a few weeks after I harvested the pineapple. So cool! 

Empty Shelves in Sydney Supermarkets in Corona Virus Panic

Recently Shaking My Head At: Humans. The world has gone mad. 

On the train yesterday I was pretty much the only one not wearing a mask. The supermarket shelves are pretty much empty of all toilet paper, tissues, paper towel, hand sanitiser, soap, pasta, rice and a whole lot of canned goods.

People are being horrible to one another. 

All because of a virus. 

It's kind of disappointing how horrible humans can be to one another.

I get that the unknown can be scary, but the way people are acting is so much more horrible. 

Random American Express Pop Up in Sydney

Recently Wondering: How many random things I miss not working in the city all the time. 

Like, ummm... what exactly is this? 

I came out of Westfield Sydney to find a construction crew setting up this random building, that looked like it may be some kind of American Express promo? 

Who knows... 

Well.. probably everyone who works in the city. But not me 😛 

Mannequin Morgue in Sydney

Recently Freaked Out: By this mannequin morgue?!?! Ummmm... talk about creepy. 

This was suppoosed to be a Topshop store, which I think has/is closing, but that was a bit of a creepy sight to see from the front doors.

Needless to say, I did not venture further.

Stained glass windows in the QVB Sydney

Recently Listening To: Live piano music at the QVB. The QVB will always be one of my favourite places to stroll between meetings. It's so pretty and there's always something happening. Yesterday I could hear piano music filtering through the mall from the top floor and it was so lovely. 

Haighs Easter Bilbies

Recently Buying: Haigh's chocolate - and awww-ing at these sweet Bilbies! I think I'll have to grab some for Easter gifts next time I'm in the city. 

Custom Made Australian Baby Onesies

Recently Making: Custom made baby onesies with the Cricut for a sweet family friend! It's her first grandaughter who will be living in the US (Aussie Dad and US mama) so we had to make some fun Australian themed onesies for her! 

Cricut Joy now on sale at Amazon

Also, the Cricut Joy has now released worldwide! So if you've been thinking about getting a Cricut but didn't want to pay the price of the Maker, now's your chance! 

The Cricut Joy is smaller, but it's also cheaper and can actually cut up to 20ft long so it's small but mighty! We're planning on getting one and sharing a bunch of crafts specially designed for the Joy. 

Creamy Gluten Free Bacon Mac and Cheese Slice

Recently Posting: Our Creamy Bacon Mac and Cheese Slice Recipe. You SERIOUSLY need to make this recipe. SO so good.

But tell me,
What's the weirdest thing you've seen this week?
And where's your favourite place to stroll? 


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  1. Whoa, that's crazy that there is literally nothing on that store shelf! I saw a video of people yanking toilet paper off the shelves in a store in Sydney--people there are taking it really seriously! I saw people at my local Target last weekend with some lysol and bottled water in their carts, but nothing was sold out and no one looked desperate. I wonder why the difference?!

    My favorite place to walk is the local nature preserve, on the interior loop if possible, but sometimes it's flooded. This weekend it's going to be SIXTY degrees here (!!!) so I'm planning to spend a ton of time there!

    1. It is actually crazy! I don't know why people have lost their minds. I mean, the media apparently did say something about needing to stock up/basically scaremongering and I guess that sent people a little bit mad.

      I have a friend in Nevada who sent me photos of the shelves their completely empty too. It's weird how people in some areas are freaking out whilst others don't really care.

      Also, I love that you're excited about 60 degrees when I'd be freezing :P That's winter weather for us!!


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