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Friday, August 28, 2020

Recent Things: Games and Wondering

Recent Things Weekly Blog Recap

Hello there! Happpyyyy Friday!

Another week in the books and one week closer to Christmas. Let's be real, since COVID has taken any chance of a vacation away from us, we're totally counting down the days until Christmas 😝

If you're wondering, there's only 119 days to go and I'm starting to wonder if I can put my Christmas tree up when we hit double digitsπŸŽ„

But I digress, let me catch you up on the week that was!
Here's what's been happening this week! >> 

House Hunting Dramas

Recent Confusion: House hunting. This time last week, we thought we would be heading to an auction tomorrow to hopefully buy a house. But today? We're not planning on even attending.

But our minds are constantly changing. This process is so frustrating and confusing and if someone would like to sell me their house privately, let's chat 😜

The basic gist is, the house we had put an offer on a few weeks ago, we went back to look at it to see if we were interested in paying more (they had put the price they were willing to sell at up) and had decided it was going to cost us more money than it was worth (both to purchase and then renovate). 

We saw a few houses on the weekend that were really lovely so now we're exploring those options but also waiting to see what comes on the market in the next couple of weeks.

The housing market right now is aggressive, so if you're thinking about buying... don't πŸ˜‚Save your sanity!!

Spring Cherry Blossoms in Sydney

Recently Hoping: Spring isn't cancelled.... c'mon 2020... don't play me like that.

The flowers have started blooming but the temperature has dropped. I literally put my winter coats away two weeks ago and was wearing shorts in the middle of the day, but then this weekend I had to get them all out again because it was SO cold! 

Hopefully it's just one last little burst of winter and Spring is on its way.

DIY Tiki Room

Recently Tempted: To make my own DIY Tiki Room with these Tiki torches from Woolworths πŸ˜…The Disneyland withdrawals are real, my friends!

Is it Spring or Fall?

Recently Wondering: Why Big W (and a bunch of other retailers) seem to think that Fall colours work for Spring. Just no... 

Is anyone else an avid fall colour palette hater? Or is it just me? 

You'll never catch me wearing orange or mustard or green 😜 

Halloween Decor at TK Maxx

Recently Stalking: Halloween decorations at TK Maxx.

I KNOWWWW, I just said I hate the fall colour palette and then WHAM, more fall... but let me explain. I don't like wearing fall colours, but decor I can settle with.

I don't decorate for Halloween but I do decorate for Thanksgiving so I'm stalking TKX for all the pumpkin goodness.... and I'm looking at that photo and regretting not getting two things. Buh bow!

The number one rule at TK Maxx is, if you like it.. buy it now.. because it will disappear and you will regret it.

But maybe I should start decorating for Halloween since we won't be travelling this year!

Recently Listening To: Army helicopters flying over my house. I was sitting outside working in the sun on Wednesday when I heard a strange sound approaching and then had two giant helicopters flying low over the house.

I think they were just doing training, but it was still pretty cool to see!

Recent Disappointment: The Disney Ooshies. So lame.... and we even got a Black Widow with eyeballs that were on her face and not in her eye sockets..... but will I keep collecting them? Yes.

I'm a Disney dork... can you blame me?!

Recently Purchasing: Board games... because apparently you can never have too many (also, we constantly have board games borrowed out to friends so it's pretty much public service 😜). I couldn't resist the new Funko games so my latest Amazon order included....
The Funko games you can join together to add characters and extend the game and the little Mickey and Ariel are SO cute! 

Tiny White Lies Fiona Palmer Book Review

Recently Reading: And loving! Tiny White Lies by Fiona Palmer (AU link here). This book hooked me in from the first page and I really enjoyed it. I've read a few not so great books lately so I was so glad to read this one!


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