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Friday, January 15, 2021

Recent Things: Floor Disasters and Mulch Machines

Recent Things in the Southern In Law World

Well hello there, Happy Friday! What a week it has been.

My house seems to be a revolving door of tradespeople and I am officially somewhat tanned after spending so much time in the garden 😅

I feel like I just haven't stopped this week and today won't be any different as my schedule is completely jam packed... and somehow I have to fit baking a cake in that too!

But let me catch you up on our week! >> 

Moving 5 Tonnes of Mulch

Recently Moving: 5 cubic metres (which is apparently over 5 tonnes) of mulch in 1 1/2 days.

We needed mulch for the garden and it was supposed to be delivered on Saturday - but then the tree lopper who was giving it to us told us it would probably be during the week instead.

We spent all of Sunday afternoon gardening, were completely covered in dirt and decided we'd have showers and relax... only to have the phone ring at 7.30pm that the tree lopper was delivering mulch that night.

Soooo, at 8.30pm, our front yard was full of mulch and our very awesome neighbour was helping us shovel it. 

We worked until about 10pm and got through 1/3 of the pile, so the next morning Jesse went to work and I got to work on the rest. I probably got through half of the remaining mulch on my own and then my parents came to help me move the rest and we were done by 1pm.

SO MUCH MULCH - but the garden is now much, much happier.

That said, my abs and arms have never been so sore 😅

Mortgage Lifter Tomatoes Growing in GardenCherry Tomatoes Growing in Garden

Recently Growing: Alll the tomatoes - finally!

I feel like this has been such a slow veggie growing year, but my garden is finally taking off and things are growing everywhere! 

One problem though? There seems to be a bunch of pesky cockatoos that come by every day to see if the tomatoes are ready 😂 Who will win?!

Border Collie Cross Poodle Puppy Bordoodle

Recently Meeting: A new puppy friend! One of our favourite families just bought a new puppy and he is so stinking cute! He's a Bordoodle - a Border Collie cross Poodle and such a sweet pup! I mean, LOOK AT THOSE EYES?! 🥰

Princess Trixie Belle

Recently Snuggling: Our sweet puppers, whenever I'm at my parents house. They are seriously missing us so are pretty much on top of us 24/7 when we're around.

Pine Floorboards with Tiles Glued On Top

Recently Discovering: Sanding back our pine flooring is a no go - so engineered boards it is!

It will save us the dust and time to sand back, restain and finish - but it will probably end up costing us more. 

The issue is that the previous owners of our house had the tiles glued straight onto the pine floorboards. This caused a number of problems and the first is with the tiles. Because wood naturally bends and flexes, there are so many cracked tiles throughout the house.

Problem number two is that because they glued them onto the boards, no matter how much we sanded back the boards, there would always be a very obvious difference between the boards that had tiles and the boards that had carpet on top.

If they were completely separate rooms, we could possibly get away with it - but we have multiple rooms where there is both carpet and tiles and when we change the kitchen walls, the kitchen will be split down the middle with the previously tiled floor and previously carpeted floor.

We already want engineered boards upstairs so we're just going to use them throughout the house and have them match on both floors... but pray for my bank account 😅

Army Battles with Toy Army Men

Recently Playing: Army battles with one of my favourite little dudes. We cannot even think about coming into their house without an army battle and Jesse isn't allowed to play, only me... the chosen army battle opponent 😜 It's good to be the favourite 😉

But tell me, 
What has been happening in YOUR world lately? 


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