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Friday, January 29, 2021

Recent Things: Kitchen Planning and Books to Read!

Recent Things in the Southern In Law World

Hey there! Happy Friday - and long time no speak!

Life has been a little crazy lately. My days have been a juggle of managing contractor appointments, looking at kitchen appliances and finishes and also managing work and meetings and new clients and trying to be a decent wife/daughter/sister/friend too.

I feel like I get maybe 3 seconds to myself at the moment - but it will all be worth it!

We're trying to get things planned for our kitchen renos... and contemplating robbing a bank now that all the quotes are coming in 😅

But alas, I wanted to catch you up on what's been happening before another kitchen appointment today!

Here's what's been happening in our world >> 

Kitchen Renovation Plans - Hamptons Style Shaker Door Moodboard

Recently Planning: Our kitchen - and so far not a lot has gone to plan 😜

Our flooring that should have been relatively easy has turned out to be relatively difficult (and expensive) but we're pushing on through and trying to convince ourselves that whilst it's expensive now, it will be worth it in the long run. 

ALLL the fun and games of home ownership.

Sweet Chanel at our house

Recently Loving: Having the puppies at our house! Sweet Trixie and Chanel came to our house for dinner last weekend and it was so funny watching them check out the house.

Chanel was racing through the garden with the happiest smile on her face, totally overwhelmed at how much space there was to run around whilst Trixie made sure to do a lap of every room in the house 😜

Heiress on Fire Book Review

Recently Reading: Quite a few books! Probably surprising since I've been so busy, but I find when I am super busy, I have to read at night to wind down or I'll just work from my phone/laptop/iPad and then go to bed feeling even more drained.

Lately I've really enjoyed the below books (first link is international, second is Australian)
  1. Heiress on Fire (AU link
  2. Concrete Rose (AU link)  - if you've read The Hate U Give, read this prequel!
  3. Breathtaking (AU link) - so fascinating. A doctor's view of the COVID pandemic in the UK.
  4. Nevermoor (AU link) - Jesse got me the series for Christmas and whilst I did not love it at first, it started to grow on me by the end.. which is a win considering i'm not a fantasy genre fan!
  5. Influence (AU link) - LOVED this one. The world of influencers goes oh so wrong. Full of drama, twists, turns and characters you need to know more about
Jesse's dirt tan

Recently Laughing At: Jesse's disgusting dirt tan after doing the lawns on the weekend 😅

The soil in our front yard is so dry and dusty so when you mow it, you get covered in it. I was laughing at him, only to look at my own legs and find I was pretty grotty too - and I'd only been using the leaf blower!

Now that the hot weather has settled and we've had some steady rain we're hoping it won't be so dry and dusty out there!

Oven Shopping COVID Style

Recently Compromising: And choosing a 60cm oven over a 90cm because I don't want an undermounted oven and 90cm is way too wide to have in a wall cabinet on it's own... and takes up way too much room.

I'm still kind of annoyed about it... but the oven I found (not this one) I actually really like sooooo, it's still kind of a win!

Fixing the Hoselink

Recently Fixing: Our Hoselink.. with the help of my Dad! 

Our Hoselink suddenly stopped retracting the hose and it was out of warranty so our only option was to buy a new one... but I got my Dad on the job and after an hour or so of messing with it, we fixed it! I'm waiting to use it until it's properly mounted but I was very very relieved it could be fixed... especially when Hoselink said it couldn't be done!

My Dad is one of those people who can fix pretty much anything so we are VERY lucky.

But tell me, 
What's been happening in your world lately? 
And what's one non-negotiable in your kitchen? What do I need to make sure I don't miss?!


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