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Friday, February 12, 2021

Recent Things: Puzzling and Possession

Recent Things in the Southern In Law World

Hellloooo there! Happy Friday!

It has been such a struggle to actually want to get out of bed this week (our bed is so cosy!) so I am so glad the weekend is almost here.

But before I can get to the weekend, i've got to catch you up on what's been happening lately!
Here's what we've been up to >> 

Sweet Border Collie cross Poodle Puppy

Recently Snuggling: This sweet but very cheeky boy. We babysat our favourite little dudes on Sunday night and when the boys were in bed, we had this cheeky floofster to ourselves! He may have bitten my hand when I tried to stop him attacking his human brother, but one look from those sweet blue eyes and all was forgiven 😜

Kitchen Details

Recently Finalising: Kitchen details - and ordering all of our appliances! 

Here's the mood board for our kitchen renovations and I am seriously, ridiculously excited to get things started! 

Burnt Details and Posessed Ovens

Recently Burning: Tea towels... and cursing at our stupid posessed oven. 

I was making a baked quinoa dish the other night and it decided to go rogue right in the middle, meaning what should have been golden melty cheese was more like dried, almost deep fried cheese... ugh. 

Fantasia Mickey Puzzle

Recently Completing: This epic Fantasia Mickey Puzzle! It was way harder than expected (those edge pieces are all the exact same blue with stars), but we finished it over 3 nights and are now deciding our next puzzle!

Choosing Carpet Colours

Recently Choosing: Between carpet and wood flooring for our upstairs. We both want wood, but it's $$$$$ so we're considering carpet as a temporary (and much cheaper) option. We're going to keep carpet in two rooms downstairs (my office and what will probably be a playroom in the future - both will stay carpeted so the wood isn't ruined by desk chairs/toys etc) so we're looking to match that upstairs if we do carpet... but so far everything is too light, too dark or totally off.

Growing Lebanese Cucumbers in Pots

Recently Picking: Veggies from the garden! In the last few weeks the garden has taken off and we've got flowers, veggies, herbs and everything's happening! 

My first lot of heirloom and cherry tomatoes is almost ripened and I cannot wait to devour them and we've got dozens of reisetomates growing too!

Copycat Disneyland Matterhorn Macaroons RecipeMediterranean Quinoa Recipe

Recently Posting: Two deeeelicious recipes! This Gluten Free Disneyland Matterhorn Macaroons Copycat Recipe is my current obsession - and we've been loving this Mediterranean Quinoa Recipe for a meat free dinner!


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