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Friday, September 10, 2021

Recent Things: Lockdown Loving and Home Plans

Recent Things in the Southern In Law World

Hello there! Happy Friday!

Fridays still just feel like any other day whilst we're in lockdown, but I thought I'd check in with you to let you know what's been happening in our world.

We've got just over 12 weeks to go (possibly 12 weeks on the dot!) until our sweet boy arrives and we're trying to tick off all our home to-do's before he's here. 

So let me catch you up on what's been happening! >> 

Dwayne the Sandstone Rock

Recently Conquering: Dwayne the (sandstone) Rock Johnson. We're planning on returfing our backyard before summer but when digging out the garden beds we discovered two huge sandstone rocks - so Jesse has been chipping away at it for a few weeks until he completely got rid of it two weeks ago. 

But now we have Dwayne's smaller brother to deal with... so I think we'll be hiring a jackhammer 😅

Hydrangeas Hamptons Garden

Recently Looking At: New plants for our garden. We have a huge problem with onion weed in the garden beds so I need to do some mass planting and have been searching to find the right plants to grow.

Mediterranean Frittata

Recently Eating: ALLLLLL the frittatas! 

I had my glucose tolerance test yesterday so I made  a frittata to devour as soon as I got home and I was so glad I did. This one was tomato, onion, capsicum, zucchini and feta but I've been making frittatas each week with whatever veggies and cheeses we have in the fridge.

McDonald's Run

Recent Excitement: We left the house for the first time last week to go to...... the McDonald's drive thru. 

Obviously I didn't get anything but Jesse did and it was so strange leaving our suburb 😂

Alll the fresh produce

Recently Going Through: ALLLL the fresh produce. 

Whilst at home, we're eating so much more fresh fruit and veggies - and I was lucky enough to win a produce box from one of our favourite fruit shops last week. It was jam packed full of goodness and such an awesome prize!

90's Disneyland Photos

Recent Reminiscing: My Dad has been cleaning out his office and found all these old photos from our holidays and Disney trips. It's been quite funny looking through them and finding little Kristy and adult Kristy are definitely still the same person. From my chosen photo spots at Minnie's house to my favourite rides.

Recently Reading

Recently Reading: Not that much, to be honest! I've been in a bit of a reading slump because the last few books I've read I just haven't loved. 

Feel free to hit me with your awesome new release suggestions because I need them!

Recent Dinners at Home

Recently Cooking: Allll the new recipes - and all the green beans. We can't get enough of green beans at the moment!

Redecorating Plans - Hamptons Informal Lounge Room
Recent Planning: We've been busily planning how we're going to redecorate different rooms of our house. This is our current plan for our upstairs casual loungeroom/library. 

We've got a bit of a navy blue theme running through the house, but I think upstairs may be a little more colourful to match the rainbow bookshelves!

Lockdown makes it difficult because we can't just go out and buy things - but we're taking things slow and doing one room at a time.

First priority is the nursery though!


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  1. How long do these donuts last? Can you make them a couple days ahead? Thank you!

    1. Hey Jo,
      I'm not sure what donuts you're referring to but gluten free baked goods are generally best eaten fresh or the next day :)


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