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Friday, October 1, 2021

Recent Things: Rocking and Rolling

Recent Things in the Southern In Law World

Hellooo there! Happy Friday!

With just 9 weeks left til this baby is born and a little over a week til "freedom day" here in Sydney, I thought I'd catch you up on what has been happening in our world lately!

Here's what we've been up to >> 

New Carpark

Recent Excitement: This, my friends is life in lockdown. You take photos of carparks to text to your husband because that's the most exciting new thing that's happened in weeks 😅

Hamptons Style Bedding

Recently Buying: Allll the things for around the house.

Lockdown means I spend way too much money online and buy way too many things. We've redecorated the guest bedroom and ordered all of the items for the baby's nursery and playroom so that's this weekend's job!

Laying new turf in the backyard

Recently Working On: The backyard! We dug out all of the rock in the garden beds, removed the garden shed and broke up the cement slab with a jackhammer and on Saturday last week we carted every last rock and piece of cement from the backyard to the front yard to put into the skip. 

3m3 Skip filled with Rock

Let's just say we slept very well on Saturday night because we were totally exhausted! That's a 3m3 skip and we'd put aside dozens of buckets of rocks for my Dad and a friend as well as had people picking up buckets of rocks off our front porch from Facebook marketplace.


Repainted Bathroom Walls

We also repainted the bathroom walls, ready to repaint the ceiling and then paint the tiles and bathtub as soon as the paint comes in. 

So far we've got our bathroom mirror and tap ready to go and just have to wait for the vanity to come in!

Californian Poppies

Recently Loving: The poppies growing in my garden! They feel like Spring and sunshine so I always have them in a vase on the bench.

Recent Fails: SO MANY FAILS this week. It's not been a good week 😅

We started putting together furniture for the nursery on Sunday only to find we had a faulty piece and had to stop...

Then the blockout blinds we ordered for our upstairs bedroom were a total fail and let ALLLL the light in. 

So much so that by 6:10am the next morning, we'd removed this blind and put the old aluminiun venetians back up.

Clothesline Fail

And then I ordered a new clothesline for our yard and whilst the guy who installed it to me told me this size was "not really any different" to the bigger size, once they installed it I realised it would only fit single bed sheets and not king sized sheets like we needed.

Luckily I found another clothesline company that would swap it out for me (because it's brand new and we have the box) and so now we just have to wait for the bigger one to come in and pay them to install it. 

Did it end up costing way more than it should have for the clothesline? Absolutely... but the small one would have just angered me every time I did washing and I may have plotted the first clothesline guy's murder 😅

If you're in Sydney, I can recommend one clothesline company you should definitely buy from and one you definitely need to avoid so there's that 😜

But tell me, 
What's been happening in your world recently? 
And don't forget, I'm always sharing what we're up to on Instagram so go and follow us there!


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